Thirty K-ent Industry Experts Pick Junho as Best Actor Among the Top Idol Turned Actors of the Younger Leading Man Generation

So its a runaway vote win for idol-actor Junho, netting 21 votes to be the top industry insider experts pick for best young idol turned actor of his gen group. Thirty one industry honchos were each given two votes to pick the best idol turned actors and it was Junho that may have taken longer to break out but is currently the most award winning of the lot. Next with 11 votes each are Im Shi Wan and D.O., good picks and makes sense. The next one is head scratching as Cha Eun Woo was third with 4 votes. And rounding out the top group is Park Hyung Sik and Ro Woon each with 2 votes apiece. Now I wanna know who is BOTH the best actor and the best idol combined.


Thirty K-ent Industry Experts Pick Junho as Best Actor Among the Top Idol Turned Actors of the Younger Leading Man Generation — 14 Comments

  1. Happy to see Junho get recognized by the industry but also these votes always change so much based on popularity and success (whether backed by talent or not) and recency bias so it doesn’t mean much.

  2. Has Lee Joon lost his popularity? I recall him being praised as an idol turned actor in the 2010s, but I haven’t heard much of him these days.

    Has Cha Eun Woo improved in acting since Gangnam Beauty? I see he’s incredibly popular, but I’m not sure if it’s for his looks or his acting skills. I haven’t seen any of his recent shows, so I’m genuinely curious.

    • i mean, i think anyone who has watched any of eun woo’s dramas or any video showing him “acting” knows exactly why he’s incredibly popular… and it’s not because of his acting. don’t get me wrong, i find him really endearing and likeable and i appreciate his visuals as much as the next woman, but i’m not going to delude myself into thinking his popularity has anything to do with acting skills 😂

  3. I agree with the top three and Park Hyung Sik. The fact that Rowoon and Eun Woo are included means this is clearly not based on acting talent alone lol. I think I’d rather watch Kim Myungsoo/L and Taecyeon than Rowoon and Eun Woo, because while L and Taecyeon overact sometimes, and I’m definitely not calling them great actors, but at least they’re doing some acting and not just stand there and be pretty. Still, only Junho, D.O., Park Hyung Sik, and Im Shi Wan, and Lee Joon are legit actors to me, they make me forget that they started off as idols when I’m watching them act. I think Yoon Doo Joon is pretty good too, if a little stiff. I think he can play more supporting roles to hone his skills, and he has a potential to be on par with the great ones

  4. I’m not sure why Lee JunHo is so high, KTL was so boring…

    Im Shi-Wan is good for the weird characters like his own 4D personality but I don’t think he’s very charismatic. But he was really funny in Summer Strike.

    I can’t help to see D.O. as angry teenager in his acting. I dropped his last drama.

    Park Hyung-Shik was really great in Happiness and Our Blooming Youth, less in Soundtrack #1. It’s sad the writing of OBY wasn’t so good and waited too long for the romance. I’m excited for Doctor Slump.

    I like Rowoon but I would like to see him in a drama that is not a webtoon/manhwa adaptation but more a realistic role. He was cute in A Timme Called You.

    Cha Eun-Woo is the weakest of the list for me.

    This year, we got :
    – Taecyeon : I really like him in the comedy part but not in the rest. And Heartbeat was pretty disapointing in the end.
    – L : Sadly, his last drama wasn’t very good, there were some interesting points but it’s all.
    – Hwang Min-Hyun : he’s the worst for now. He was better in AoS.
    – Kang Min-Hyuk did well in Celebrity but it was only on Netflix.
    – Yong-Hwa was in Brain Workd but I dropped it. He was good in Sell Your Haunted House.

  5. Agree for Juhno , but Park Hyung Sik should be at the same position that Juhno , he is charismatic and a good actor too.I have a soft spot for Rowoon . Cha Eun Woo until now only show his visuals . As for Siwan and D.O , they are special as they are great at playing a certain kind of genre . Some names aren’t on the list maybe because some idols are more considered as actors than idols . Some viewers don’t even know that they were idols . Lee Joon, Jung Yong Hwa , Taecyeon , …

  6. Park Hyung Sik is top of my list. I never saw him as an idol ever, always thought he is an actor. He is charismatic, charming and very talented. Same as Junho, he started with small roles, before climbing his way up into supporting roles, second leads and then only the male lead. But unlike Junho, he doesn’t have the best pick when comes to projects, thus the industrt don’t really see his value.

    Nothing against Junho, he is great in Red Sleeves but he is very overrated in The King of Land. But TKL is a hit, so he remains popular and topping the industry list.

    Im Shi Wan is great for movies but not in dramas. He isn’t charismatic enough to lead a drama unless for quirky or underdog characters. He is meant fpr Chungmuro.

    I am indifferent towards the rest.

  7. My personal favorite is Park Hyung Sik as an actor even though I don’t have qualms about Junho being the top pick for success. PHS is charismatic on screen just with his presence. He doesn’t even have to act. Lol. I’ve never been able to get the acting or visuals of Cha Eun Woo so far. I also agreed somehow Im Shi Wan and D.O. can only act in limited genres thanks to their visuals and physique.

  8. My personal favorite is also Park Hyungsik! I’m so glad he has a lot of love here, but wish he was more mainstream popular. The boy can really act. I find him super charismatic on screen. I’ll admit Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has a ludicrous plot, but his character really engaged me. He can tackle serious roles, but still have great comedic timing. As much as I love Cha Eunwoo’s visuals, I’m a little offended he’s higher on the list than Park Hyungsik. Does he even have a super popular drama under his belt yet? I agree with the rest (Junho, DO, and Im Siwan) being all great actors. Rowoon isn’t as bad stiff as Cha Eunwoo, but he still has ways to go in my opinion.

  9. I think Junho’s back to back hit dramas is one of the reasons he’s on the top of the list. He can act and he’s bankable at the same time.
    Im Shi Wan is more of a character actor.
    Park Hyung Sik is charismatic and I love his pairing with Park Bo Young (am excited for their cameo on Strong girl Namsoon) and Han Hyo Joo on Happiness. I was just not feeling his recent dramas.
    Rowoon (improving),Cha Eun Woo and Minhyun have Prince like aura going on.
    The male lead on Splash splash love is good and funny too.
    The pen stabbing lead on Weak Hero Class has got that sad eyes that says something with just one look about him. I think he’s got potential.

    • I was so ready to dislike the arrogant character (idol actor too!) but was pleasantly surprised to find this dude (Jun-ho) is quite credible.

      Esp memorable is his crying scene upon reining it all in, then collapsing – upon meeting his mother, very unexpectedly. Beats some of the A list actors, those cannot cry credibly, or convey that hurt.

      Definitely PHS – the dude can convey so much with his eyes.

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