C-actress Yuan Bing Yan Confirmed Personal Tax Evasion, Fined Close to 3 Million RMB, and Official Weibo Account Muted as a Ban

Welp, this is absolutely a case of play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It’s also a case of getting a second chance and just giving the authorities the middle finger. C-actress Yuan Bing Yan is basically banned and cancelled in C-ent after news broke from the Chongqing province tax authorities that she has been investigated, found to have broke the law in tax evasion, and fined 2.97 million RMB (around $408,000 USD). The official statement even said that after she was brought in for questioning, even after that she did not change her ways and continued to try and evade taxes and I’m like WTF? Her official Weibo account has been muted which is a ban, the statement on the landing page from the Weibo admin is that this account has been muted because of breaking the law. She has four filmed and unaired drama Love Never Fails, The Emperor’s Love, Young Shield, and Thunder Chaser and it’s likely none will ever air. This joins other big name dramas that can’t air because of lead star misconduct including Deng Lun in Night Wanderer, Zhang Zhe Han in Zhao Ge, Win the World where both leads Fan Bing Bing and Gao Yun Xiang broke the law, and many more. I wish I could say Yuan Bing Yan just messed up but goodness with all those who have gone before her and fucked up royally on taxes this one just feels like she deserves to lay in the bed she made.


C-actress Yuan Bing Yan Confirmed Personal Tax Evasion, Fined Close to 3 Million RMB, and Official Weibo Account Muted as a Ban — 44 Comments

  1. It’s more complicated than just her refusing to “change her ways”. From what I understand the process of investigation is like this:

    1) Someone reports/whistleblows about possible tax evasion and gives evidence.

    2) Tax authority checks and if it’s the 1st offence they will give a chance by allowing the tax evader to pay the outstanding **but the taxman won’t tell you exactly how much is owed so it us up to the accused to make restitution**

    3) Tax evader pays the outstanding taxes but if it is deemed insufficient and there are still outstanding taxes of undeclared income you will be charged with tax evasion.

    4) If the tax evader pays up they will be forgiven if it’s a 1st offence and if it’s the 2nd offence they will be charged (Jiang Yiyi’s case is weird in that she evaded taxes 2x and blamed it on her old company taking a cut of her wages that she thought was them paying tax of her behalf, but most people doesn’t really buy it. Nevertheless she comes from a strong background and is a CCP member so she weaseled her way out)

    Deng Lun also had the same problem as Crystal Yuan of not paying up the full taxes owed even after receiving a notice that they were flagged for tax evasion. I read some testimonies and apparently in China accountant’s work varies a lot, so 1 accountant may advise you to pay X amount and another Y amount. For celebs it’s absolutely necessary to seek advice of different accountants and pay the upper limit to the taxman instead of trying to skimp and save on this process once you are accused of tax evasion. If the tax authorities deem that you owe at least 5 million and your accountant advises you to pay only 4 million you will be accused of not heeding the warning notice. Thus it’s better to pay 6 million or in excess of what you think you owe to make the problem go away. China is Communist at heart and this is how the government extracts wealth when times are bad, these celebs need to realize who the boss is.

    • Lol this is so funny as with most CCP regulations it’s as clear as mud. This sounds like triads extorting protection money to not be cancelled. The CCP is rumoured to have strong connections to triads and use them to do their dirty work so I wouldn’t be surprised this is the method they use to collect money.

      • There are no triads in China fyi, the so called triads are in HK and Taiwan and yep the Taiwan/HK triads probably are Han nationalists and feel closer to Mainland China than USA or UK. Baron Chen is a triad boss’s son and he acts in China

      • CCP is collectively mafia-equivalent gangsters itself. LOL
        The way Anon described how the wealthy should pay taxes to get away from trouble is exactly how gangsters collected illegal fees by extortion anywhere in the world. The question is where has all the extorted money gone? Prolly ended up in the pockets of top CCP officials. LMAO.

      • @Somebody

        FYI drama fans on Chinese forums like Weibo or Douyin absolutely support strict taxation and cancellation of celebs because they earn millions per year even after paying 45% in taxes or so. FYI celebs are called “208k” in China because they earn an average of 208k per day of filming (or 100k after tax?) so ordinary folks who earn 30k a year think it’s ridiculously greedy for celebs to evade taxes, plus these taxes fund China’s public infrastructure, hospital fees, pensions for retired folks even if the CCP is corrupt.

        Not paying taxes is a dumb short-sighted move, celebs should aim for career longevity. Deng Lun could be earning many times more per year than the amount he tried to evade in taxes, it’s not worth falling afoul of the law and getting canned when you’re a famous celeb.

      • @Anon. You were talking about separate issues. One one hand, celebrities have duties like all other citizens to fulfill tax obligation. On the other hand, tax evasion of any citizens, wealthy or modest or poor, doesn’t legitimize taxing agencies to collect under-reported income taxes ILLEGALLY. In a civilized political system, tax policies have to be transparent, including how much they will collect from citizens’ banks. Without telling citizens how much they owe and have to pay once for all to fulfill their tax obligation, regardless of whether due taxpayers are or will be honest about their total taxable income, is a way of committing a crime too, even the criminal is the government. Both sides of citizens and government have to abide by law to make a society civil enough to live in. China obviously doesn’t have such a reasonable system, at least per the way taxes are collected.

        CCP can’t excuse themselves for their own crimes because of some egregious crimes committed by some citizens. What about those CCP high-ranking officials who sent their families aboard to live an extravagant life? The wealth they robbed Chinese people of for decades can overpower a country (富可敵國). Why not chasing after Xi Jinping’s sister’s family and his cronies for their corruption? A fair political system wouldn’t just target certain groups of citizens for illegal dealing (e.g. celebrities’ tax evasion) but lenient with the privileged having connection with the power. Only lawless gangsters would pardon themselves and cronies from wrong doings but harsh with other people. To this point, CCP legitimately fits the definition of a mafia. Lol

    • Also the reason why the taxman doesn’t reveal the exact amount owed is because the Tax Authority always operates on the idea that celebrities are underdeclaring income so why tell them what you think they owe when it’s better to let them come clean once and for all.

    • Wow thats a very detailed explanation. But it makes sense to pay a lil more to make sure you dont uderpay. You know your government is serious about this and underpaying is a crime so why do you wanna risk it? Considering its not a first offense shouldnt it be a priority to make sure you are on top of your taxes?
      I can only say Im glad my country doesnt have any personal tax filing.

  2. Why bother ? They know the tax law of their country, so they should pay . Because of their greed, dramas in which people work hard are canceled ! And fans are préjudiced .

  3. I feel bad for the costars who now have their upcoming drama (and career) schedules upended. Some might not have a year without a drama out and that could affect their popularity, income stream, etc. Also affected would be the crew, including the directors.

    Incredibly bad situation.

  4. Celebrities in China really earn a lot, probably like 100 times of what Korean celebrities make. C-netz have been calling their celebrities “208万” (2080k), a moniker that arose out of Zheng Shuang’s scandal where they found out that Zheng Shuang earned an average of RMB 2080k per day for filming a drama.

    Commoners like ourselves really don’t need to feel bad for these celebrities. Even if they are banned from C-ent, they still have enough money to last them for the rest of their lives.

  5. It’s interesting though. Albeit knowing the system, they still try to outsmart authorities.

    I’m still unsure if her actions – known or unknown – justify the consequences. I know the authorities always want to exhibit their power and how it’s wrong (and it IS wrong, don’t get me wrong) to evade taxes.

    But still…

    • honestly that doesn’t even matter at this point because it wasn’t like this was some novel crime with no precedent; she and her team were fully aware of the shitshow she was risking by fudging the numbers (not only once but twice!) but they went ahead and played russian roulette anyways. she was laying spread eagle on her own grave at that point.

    • honestly it was really stupid prizes, she put her career down the drain for just few million yuans which she can earn back in one project. It’s not as much as other like deng lun who was fined more than one hundred millions yuan

  6. I wonder if any of these cancellations has any thing to do with the Shanghai Vs Beijing power struggle. I looked up the names of the people cancelled in this article and most of them graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy.

    • My friend who lives in Shanghai was telling me how Beijing and Shanghai Gov are 2 major cities that do not see eye to eye. During Covid, Beijing insist Shanghai close it city, Shanghai said no and did not issue a complete lock down. Beijing was so angry, they sent the military to lock down the whole City…
      Yes, I do believe this can also be one reasons…

  7. Feel uncomfortable seeing Zhang Zhehan listed with the rest on the list who have broken the law and gotten canceled. Ultimately, his “crime” was taking cherry blossom photos that got spinned into “worshipping at Yasukuni shrine”.

    • Chinese Celebrities, ZZH included, are very convenient scapegoats for the CCP to shift public attention whenever there’s bad news for the party. Cancel culture and large-scale cyberbullies can’t work without nodding, strong push and support from certain authorities behind. E.g, XZ’s 227 happened right on time when COVID-19 just erupted in Wuhan and spread rampantly to the whole world. The rest of the world was blaming China and CCP for that. CCP needs to find a target big enough to shift public interest and focus, mainly to maintain domestic stability of their power.

      Whenever there’s bad news for CCP domestically or internationally, many political observers got an inkling that certain celebrities might soon get into trouble. Then BINGO! They’re so accurate in predicting entertainment scandals. LOL

      • What nonsense are you spouting? Now I know why you are here pretending to be XZ’s fan, you’re waiting for opportunity to twist the 227 incident and push the blame onto CCP. In fact, both XZ and ZZH’s incidents were actually started by anti-China syndicates. Don’t plug Korea’s political tactics into China.

        ZZH and ZW have ties with Japanese capital. The leader antis who cyberbullied XZ and XFXs in 2020-2021 showed love for everything related to Japan, the Chinese celebrities which those leader antis stanned had ALBB capital behind them. In the early period of 227, those leader antis even created posters in traditional Chinese wordings reminiscent of the HK protests and distributed them to various supertopics on Weibo.

        You want to know which side supported XZ during 2020? Just look at the projects he had participated in during 2020 and 2021 when he was ostracised by C-ent. During the early days of covid-19, Chinese farmers almost went bust as they couldn’t sell their crops in time due to the broken supply/distribution chain. XZ joined the government’s charity project and provided assistance to these farmers by helping to sell those crops via live streams. Here’s the interesting part, those leader antis tried their best to ruin the charity project by going around discouraging people from buying the crops, claiming that buying those crops were actually doing a disservice to those farmers. Now, isn’t this very obvious that this group of people wanted to cause more chaos in China? XZ later also went on several broadcast events organised by the Chinese authorities.

      • @Lilith, you obviously fall short of critical thinking. Living in a democratic society taking advantage of free speech doesn’t seem to make you more savvy. Being a fan of XZ doesn’t imply one has to be a CCP stooge like you because he’s a popular celebrity in China. Liking his acting as well as his dramas isn’t the same as supporting the egregious party ruling his country. Lol. You just don’t have the basic understanding to tell the difference. You equate China to CCP and vice versa. You’re the same airhead as usual ignorant of true color of the CCP regime. Stop advertising for your beloved authoritarian political party! It doesn’t sell well here in the west! Pissed? Just move back to your motherland and stop preaching nonsense outside China! I’m not gonna waste time on futile debate with ppl who have been brainwashed for life with communist ideology.

      • See? When I pulled out evidence that those incidents were not started by CCP, you can only go back to regurgitating nonsense and claiming everyone who thinks rationally as CCP supporters.

        I repeat again, if 227 incident was started by CCP, then why did those leader antis, who should have been working for CCP since you claimed 227 was started by CCP, tried their best to discourage the charity project for farmers? Food is an important basic necessity that became even more precious during covid-19. Why would CCP get those leader antis to ruin their efforts to help farmers and solve the food crisis? The answer is simple, they didn’t work for CCP and actually worked for anti-China syndicates who wanted to cause more chaos in China during the covid-19 period instead.

  8. One thing I don’t understand;

    Why they can’t sell the drama overseas? Yes I know it might not make money as airing in China, but wouldn’t it be better having it at least airing somewhere to fans see their dramas??

    • I am sure the companies would love to sell drama overseas to make money but the government wouldn’t allow it so they don’t have any choice.

    • Drama fans need to think outside the box…. If CCP allowed that then what’s stopping a lot of dissidents from making anti-government political films and dramas in China, then airing them abroad? Secondly do you think Chinese people don’t know how to use VPNs and watch content banned in China? It wouldn’t be an effective ban at all.

      In the 80s and 90s a lot of Chinese film directors already tried airing their films about the Cultural Revolution or Tiananmen Massacre outside China in Europe or USA, the result was they got banned from filmmaking (usually you need a permit to film and must provide a synopsis of your movie to cast actors or hire film hands) or fined heavily. These are “indie” directors like Lou Ye, the Zhang Yimou of yore, Tian Zhuangzhuang etc who got banned or fined a lot but they are just individuals. Huge listed companies Tencent, Youku, Iqiyi will never sell their dramas outside China without government approval because it will risk them getting banned or fined too. They are not that hard up for Netflix or YouTube money and they understand that the principle (Not finding a loophole to screen shows that are unapproved by the govt) is important.

  9. I personally think there is more to this… Gosh, what sickens me is looking at the record of those that are publicly caught, it is beautiful actress apart from Deng Lun. In those days, many many artiste have Ying Yang contract. Many have tax evasion..it is common practise. But feel were revealed and blacklisted. I bet even Huang Xiaoming were guilty of it. He even went into silence mode for a period.
    But it is the beautiful actress that are caught. As if they have rejected some higher up officer’s approach and got into trouble. This is still a very dirty industry with lots of corruption.
    These beautiful actress are just used as reminder of their vulnerability. Evading tax is wrong but it should be fair and dealt with openly for all… not just the selected few.
    Feels so disgusting when I read another beautiful actress is in such position. All from past records where many were caught up in…

    • After what happened to FBB, a lot of the A list stars like Dilireba and Deng Chao in China paid back taxes. The list of stars who paid back taxes are leaked online.

  10. Can someone tell me if it’s true or not that Chinese celebs only get paid after their drama gets aired? That was one of the rumors that I heard which I thought would be insane if it’s true.

    • I don’t think so. Chinese drama projects gather investments before they start filming the drama, so they should already get the money from investors to pay for the filming expenses and the actors. After the drama is filmed or still filming, the production company will then start selling the drama to advertisers and broadcast stations and earn profits which will be distributed to the various investors.

    • They are paid once a project completes filming yes. I’m surprised do many commenters here don’t read Cforums, the main reason nobody feels sorry for the actors and crew is because they are all paid even if the drama never airs.

      Legally speaking it’s imperative to pay people for work done and they have job contracts in place to ensure this. Logically it’s like this, if a construction firm builds a condominium and the housing units don’t get sold after years, does it mean the construction workers don’t get paid? No! If workers aren’t paid for their labour they will sue because they have contracts and labour laws to ensure they are paid even if the condos don’t sell. Another example: Apple seeks advice from a group of lawyers to acquire a stake in another tech company, after 2 years of negotiations the acquisition contract falls through. Does it mean the lawyers don’t get paid since the deal didn’t go through? No. Apple still gets billed for all the hours of work the lawyers did, or they will be sued. Same goes for actors and crew, even the tealady gets paid 😉

  11. For those who complain about the CCP: don’t think that the elites in the West are less corrupt. The difference is that in the East at least healthy values ​​and good education are promoted.

    • You’d better broadcast out loud for CCP from China, not physically anywhere in the West or under a democratic system. Otherwise you sound pretty hypocritical. I don’t have high regards for those who reside outside China, taking full advantage of privilege and rights only available outside China, but shamelessly claim China better than the West. Just GO BACK TO CHINA if you consider it a better country! Then you can justify what you believe! LOL. Stop being a mouthpiece while enjoying living overseas for a militarily aggressive country violating human rights by doing organ harvesting. Your point is so weak and ludicrous! You even make me wonder if you’re connected with those CCP privileged who have been stealing gazillion tons of money from Chinese people and sent their families overseas. LOL

      • You are just upset that there are people out there who can actually think independently unlike you. The world isn’t a clear-cut black and white. The West isn’t white and China isn’t black, vice versa.

      • LOL, Lilith! I think you’re the one who’s really upset cos you obviously are living a double life. On the one hand you’re reluctant to move back to your beloved motherland (or perhaps you also disapprove of the current regime but just refuse to admit it). On the other hand you emotionally attach yourself to China and wrongly identify yourself with the egregious regime, CCP. Therefore you can’t think critically whenever ppl are scathing about CCP. You should get things straight for yourself before getting to others’ points.

      • You should go work at China’s National Immigration Administration, since you love issuing Chinese birth certifications and citizenships to random people online so much.

      • At least China does not promote genital mutilation of minors, moral degeneration everywere, self attack with controlled demolitions. China doesn’t fake moonlanding too. If you think we have democracies in the West, you are deceived by media.

      • @Antonio Benedetto, you’re so comical! Everyone can tell immediately you’re heavily brainwashed by CCP state propaganda to the extent beyond remedy. Just move to China and rave about CCP to the moon.

        @Lilith, same to you! Move to China and CCP certainly would love you as their citizen! Lol

      • Nah, you fit with them more. You’re the only one here who loves issuing Chinese birth certifications and citizenships to others, and also the only one who sounds brainwashed with hatred.

      • @Lilith, LOL. Only certain ethnic Chinese love being mouthpieces for CCP propaganda without knowing they are stupidly inviting hatred against Chinese ppl. Not all the ppl can tell China from CCP or Chinese ppl from communists. Instead, ppl tend to mix them up because CCP cronies and stooges like you guys unwittingly and constantly defend the atrocious regime. Since you love CCP so much to ignore its thuggish nature, I suggest just moving to China to pledge your allegiance to your beloved party. You behave more like a loyal CCP member than a citizen to the free world you reside in. Lol

      • Seems like you have Stockholm syndrome. Brainwashed people like you worship Western countries and put them high up on a pedestal, effectively enabling them to treat Asians and Asian countries like dirt even further. You are the type of person who bows down to bullies, hoping that they will take you in as one of their cronies.

  12. Liking part of Chinese culture and art, drama included, isn’t the same as supporting the Chinese government! How the heck were these people brought up and brainwashed to think China = CCP and vice versa??? Shake my head!

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