Latest Casting Rumor for Fox Spirit Matchmaker Wang Quan Chapter Pairs up Chen Fei Yu and Yang Chao Yue

The casting round robin for the third and last chapter of the Fox Spirt Matchmaker drama adaptation series continues and I won’t be surprised if the confirmed leads won’t materialize until the second chapter currently filming wraps. The Wang Quan chapter is now rumored to star Chen Fei Yu and Yang Chao Yue, with the former still regrouping after a small scandal (sleeping in bed with a woman pictures but he’s single and eligible so eh) and the latter still smarting after yet another evisceration of her (lack of) acting ability in her most recent drama Love You Seven Times. I don’t doubt these two would look great visually onscreen together but the thought of watching Yang Chao Yue attempt to act gives me a headache just thinking about it.


Latest Casting Rumor for Fox Spirit Matchmaker Wang Quan Chapter Pairs up Chen Fei Yu and Yang Chao Yue — 6 Comments

  1. Stop trying to make Yang Chao Yue happen, China. She’s never going to happen.

    Btw does she have a suggar daddy? Who’s paying to push her so hard for no reason.

    • I know it doesnt sound nice. But the opportunities they are giving her whose lacking in acting and hasnt really improve but she gets to play main role is just.. Feels sorry for those who can act but dont hav strong backing.

    • She has 19 million followers on weibo and the number is increasing. In this age of influencers, followers are a PR dept’s dream. The backing doesn’t have to be something nefarious like a sugar daddy but someone seeing that she has the capability to get a lot of followers and investing in her as a product and then getting a cut of her earnings. Bunch of people voted for her in Produce 101 and despite her poor performance, she generated a ton of searches. I’m sure if some who makes poor investment choices tries to apply the same backing to me, I would gain only a couple dozen followers.

  2. She’s improved a little, but not by miles of leaps and bound. She’s a gorgeous girl, but needs to be in supporting roles for a long while before climbing back up as a lead.

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