Period C-drama Love Never Fails has Reportedly Hired Actress Hu Yi Xuan to Replace Tax Evasion Scandal Lead Yuan Bing Yan with Reshoots Scheduled for February 2024

So the dilemma of fully completed C-dramas with a scandal plagued lead continues towards the option of reshooting the scenes of the cancelled lead in order to air. Period drama Love Never Dies was thisclose to airing when actress Yuan Bing Yan got in to tax evasion allegations so the drama was put on ice. She has recently been fully cancelled by C-ent after the government announced that she was in fact guilty of said tax evasion so her career is over OVER. Love Never Dies has reportedly hired up and coming actress Hu Yi Xuan to replace Yuan Bing Yan with the cast reassembling in February 2024 for a month of reshoots. Let’s see if this reshoot actually happens and if so will the end product even be worth watching.

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The Emperor’s Love Almost Got Close to Airing After Cutting Episode Down and Reducing Female Lead Yuan Bing Yan to 6-episodes Only Focusing on the Male Lead and Second Female Lead Story

Dang, I’ve heard this in a few places (see here for one) and it goes to show that there is always a lot of attempt to salvage projects to air and recoup some money even when shit hits the fan. … Continue reading

Xianxia C-drama Love Never Fails Reportedly Gets Broadcast Permit Meaning Yuan Bing Yan May Not be Cancelled After Her Tax Scandal

First all, not all tax scandals are equal but most recent C-ent tax scandals have all been pretty big deal with equally big deal consequences. But it looks like C-actress Yuan Bing Yan may escape the cancellation of death for … Continue reading