Xianxia C-drama Love Never Fails Reportedly Gets Broadcast Permit Meaning Yuan Bing Yan May Not be Cancelled After Her Tax Scandal

First all, not all tax scandals are equal but most recent C-ent tax scandals have all been pretty big deal with equally big deal consequences. But it looks like C-actress Yuan Bing Yan may escape the cancellation of death for her tax scandal which was for the entertainment company where she served as a director and financial representative. It was slapped with unpaid taxes for using company funds on Yuan Bing Yan’s personal use which she would have declared but that didn’t happen. The company paid the taxes and fines and she stepped down from any role and issued an apology, got removed from her second female lead role in Fox Spirit Matchmaker, and went into quiet reflection. That was a few months ago but one of her already filmed dramas Love Never Fails which has been done since 2021 reportedly got its broadcast permit this month and speculation is that it will air before year end. It’s a xianxia drama with her and Liu Xue Yi that screams cut rate mashup of Immortal Samsara and Ashes of Love with a side of Love Between Devil and Fairy – she’s a lowly camellia demon who wants to marry a godly prince and their love is fraught with seeming betrayals and vows to sever their fated romance and even reincarnation. Check out the stills and teaser and if this drama sudden drops from thin air you’ll at least be prepared.

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