Idol-actor Ro Woon Pens Handwritten Letter Announcing His Departure From Boy Group SF9

There are waves to kick off this new week with confirmed news that idol-actor Ro Woon is now becoming an actor only. He announced to his fans that he is leaving the boy group SF9 with a handwritten letter. K-netizens are split to his response, some are fine that he is sharing his reason for leaving which is a desire and dream to fully pursue his acting career. Others felt this was a selfish letter where he talked about his own goals but did not address his idol mates that he’s leaving for the SF9 fandom after his departure. I feel like idol fandom being mad at a member for leaving is par for the course and his focus on his acting career felt like a pre-determined outcome based on his trajectory the last three years.


Idol-actor Ro Woon Pens Handwritten Letter Announcing His Departure From Boy Group SF9 — 8 Comments

  1. It’s a wise career choice.
    And best to focus. Otherwise he will end up without a pop group career once he hits 28 years old (assuming he has to go for army) and a mediocre acting career once other younger male actors score more roles than him. See what happen to Girls Generation – the industry is merciless and will start dismantling the group once they enter late 20s…

  2. I GET that it’s a wise career choice for him, but isn’t he actually really bad at said acting. I remember him He wasnt emoting much in The Kings Affection.

    • He’s actually pretty good in this latest project of his (Destined With You). He definitely improved a lot from what I see. In fact, I actually think that he hard-carried the show, at least for me, because the script is kinda so-so for now. Enjoyable, nonetheless.

  3. Yeah, I think the letter wasn’t well written but I guess it’s not an easy thing to do.

    Because of his back’s issues, he can’t really dance as much as an idol need when they have comeback or concert. So even if they adapted the choreo for him for their last comeback, it’s complicated in the long term.

    They kept silence for too long about his place in the group because of his contract. I think it would have been better to give to his fans a true ending during their last comeback. At the end, it was difficult for everyone, his fans, SF9 fans, SF9 members and him.

  4. I think that he did a wise choice . He is already 27 so near the end of an idol career . He had the opportunity to become an actor and play lead roles , not every idol has this kind of luck . And i wish the best for his band mates even if i know that ‘s hard .

  5. Damn if you do and damn if you don’t. I bet it will not make any big difference even if he did not pen a handwritten letter… How many “BOY groups” survive past age 30 post military service in Korea? Some will leave entertainment, let alone being able to continue as an “idol” past age 30.

  6. The fans are delulu. It’s been obvious he was halfway out the door of the group for a few years. He was just waiting for his contract to end. He is a very mediocre actor but he keeps being given roles. He also makes plenty of coins from endorsements, appearances and CFs. No point carrying on an idol career that it’s his heart is not in and at an age when most boy groups are winding down anyway.

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