My Journey to You Likely to NOT Have a Second Season with Leads Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Mad at Director Guo Jingming After Script and Directing Makes the Second Leads More Popular

Ooooh, melon and behind the scenes cattiness, I love it! C-drama My Journey to You can be summed up as a mixed bag, it got viewership and buzz but was split down the middle in terms of likes and dislikes. It didn’t hurt the careers of director Guo Jingming and leads Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He, but also didn’t buoyed each to new levels of popularity. What it did was breakout the second leads Cheng Lei and Lu Yu Xiao, and with it reportedly there is anger behind the scenes. Leads Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He reportedly will not talk to Guo Jingming anymore and will not come back for any season 2, not unless he lets them change the script, and he’s definitely not doing that. Yu Shu Xin may be upset but she’s still publicly interacting with Lu Yu Xiao on Weibo whereas Zhang Ling He is pissed and has had zero interaction with Cheng Lei since the drama aired. So those hoping for a season 2 should be prepared for none or likely a lead cast switch to make it happen.


My Journey to You Likely to NOT Have a Second Season with Leads Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Mad at Director Guo Jingming After Script and Directing Makes the Second Leads More Popular — 21 Comments

  1. Wow!! Melon seeds in place… To be honest, Gou Jingming’s reputation in the industry is really not great. In fact, I think Yu Zheng is more popular and Yu Zheng has his niche. His dramas are either very good or watchable. I cannot imagine A-list actors will work with him.

    This drama ended with open ending…. I wonder if there is season 2?

    Using more reputable names to prop second leads are not uncommon…in fact I remember afew years ago such tactics were wildly used in many dramas. It really annoyed alot of viewers and fans as they feel cheated. That seem to have stopped recently when the wage regulation came into place.

    • This isn’t as ludicrous as Xiao Zhan’s recent drama, Sunshine by My Side, where his popularity was exploited to promote the 4th or 5th CP in the lineup. The insertion of this pair on screen was pretty odd and irrelevant to the whole storyline. There has been uproar from Chinese viewers about it. The ratings of SbMS dipped whenever this pair showed up. Unlike MJtY, what angered SbMS’s viewers was that the two were not visually beautiful nor could they act but they still got 20+ minutes of screen time for themselves alone in many eps including the finale. What a joke! The melon said that neither XZ nor the FL, Bai Baihe, knew this was gonna be before the drama was aired.

      Usually XZ wrote a short essay to reflect on his character after each drama was officially wrapped up airing. But he just dropped one short line mentioning the name of his character only in SbMS this time. Fans guessed he might not be happy about the sneaky deal done by the production team and somehow protested in such an implicit way.

      Well, even as popular as XZ or Zhao Lying et al, decent leading actors can’t prevent nepotism so prevalent in C drama. In ZLY’s case, it was her crappy drama Legend of Fei about which she made a remark to imply nepotism. That may be the major reason why I feel C drama is less competitive than K drama in the international market. Nepotism really ruins a lot of good projects.

      • What a disgrace!!! I like Xiao Zhan…I was looking forward to watching this drama even thru I found his pairing with BaiBai He odd… Now, I am not going to bother… I really dislike such tactics… making it so obvious.

      • Yeah nepotism… even for small projects, you can see how somehow the side character have a lot of screen time. It’s especially obvious when it has source novel. These investors really ruin a lot of drama with their request change and nepotism insert. I feel like for this reason a good screenwriter continously produce flops since the investors now request a lot of things instead of just letting the screenwriter do their own thing.

  2. This melon sounds incredibly unbelievable and probably made up by their antis to try to hurt the two leads reputation. They’re both not at the level yet that they can ask for a script rewrite, not to mention, that would be way out of their abilities.

    Zhang Linghe even recently said he was grateful that this drama got to air because people have deemed him bad luck after so many of his dramas got shelved/postponed.

    I don’t get the hype around Lu Yuxiao. I think she did fine, but she always talked so suspiciously/fake that I felt like she might as well have sirens blaring “undercover assassin” around her.

    Cheng Lei, I agree that he played the broody, layered, and misunderstood brother very well. I didn’t take a liking to his CP with Shangguan Qian because that woman was straight up toxic. I prefer his familial relationship with his dad and brother.

    The mystery really wasn’t that mysterious. It was obvious who killed the dad. From the opening episode they already said the Gong family has medicine for faking death. The redeeming quality about this drama for me were the backhill boys. Lin Ziye is so young but does all his own stunts as Xue Tongzi. I’m so impressed by him.

  3. I wonder if this news is true, as Zhang Linghe came out to say he feels very grateful to have been offered this role just when people were saying he was unlucky (due to his dramas not being able to air). In terms of exposure, the leads got more than the 2nd leads. And their costumes far superior. I feel this drama really put a spotlight on ZLH rather than Ryan Cheng. He had a lot of slow, dramatic shots on his face and full body. IMO, this drama put his acting ahead of Dylan Wang. And also demonstrated Esther’s acting range. It just so happens that the 2nd leads stole some limelight from them because they were standout in their performance and had oozing chemistry which is by no orchestration of the director. But overall the whole cast delivered which was very rare in any drama.

  4. Uh this is fake news and it was never rumored for S2. Also the idea of the leads being mad is pure unhelpful speculation.

    Zhang Wanyi is the 1ML in LYF and the 2nd & 3rd MLs got way more popular than him but his insustry rep is still bettter due to his acting skils and versatility. Nobody has time to be that petty

  5. Don’t think this is true
    Zhang ling he has been interacting and promoting on Weibo and honestly I felt he has ENOUGH screen time – and went away being very likeable in the role
    What’s up with his fans?

    • I don’t think it’s his fans. I think this negative publicity is being orchestrated by his antis and Esther’s antis to be honest. It hasn’t escaped my notice that on Reddit and many English speaking sites fans of the second leads will praise their performance to high heavens while sh!tting on the performances of the leads. And they are very vocal about it. Which confounded me. You can praise your faves without going so far as to tear down the performances of other actors. Especially when all the actors were holding their own and there wasn’t a weak link in the acting in this drama. It wasn’t just one or two posts, it became repetitive and quite toxic, drowning out any voices that disagreed with them. That they have taken this to another extreme of rumor mothering is just on par with how toxic and disagreeable C-ent is becoming these days. It’s a cesspool of a lot of nonsense and as an impartial observer, it disgusts me. Now the attacks have moved on from the characters in the drama and they are attacking the actors by mudslinging. Same BS was done with the leads of Fireworks in my heart, and same BS with the leads of Love You Seven Times. It seems that few C-dramas can escape unscathed these days. I for one, don’t believe made up rumors like this. C-ent is becoming more visible on the world stage. Yet instead of supporting and celebrating their products, they tear it down with toxicity. I’ve never seen this level of toxicity before, not even in K-ent.

      • You greatly overestimate how many international fans care about fangirl wars in C entertainment. I also have not seen the so called ‘toxicity’ (which is typically applied to any sort of criticism however mild) you speak of on Reddit.

      • @Xoxo, finally someone mentioned the cesspit of Reddit. The Cdrama sub on that English SM is very toxic. The moderators are already biased in favor of certain C celebrities. Therefore their faves are safe from reckless attacks from obnoxious comments but other actors are more of victims of cyberbullies on that site.

  6. He gave so much opportunities for Esther & XLH beautiful fights sequences. In my view, both second leads are better actors and it just so happen they delivered far beyond any expectation against their complex characters. It’s not to say Esther’s character did not give her another challenge, she has shown she can do serious. XLH seems to have the most uninteresting character story arch. However, Both signed up knowing their characters so being pissed at the director is so silly and this melon does more harm to them than any others (it’s unprofessional, and being jealous despite having bigger fans and popularity is like expecting all fans will fall for them). These 2 leads will go on to have more opportunities project and so will the 2nd leads. It’s all good. So this melon is laughable.

    Beside, What would GJM gained for making the second lead more popular?.

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  8. I found the 2nd FL was sooo fake. Her acting was so obvious that she was from Wufeng. But the ML was overshadowed by 2nd ML.
    Esther was pretty good but she can do better.
    Overall the story wasn’t that great… but not bad. Better than some airing dramas.

    The 2nd leads got popular bcuz of their chemistry, something that we didnt really feel from the leads. But acting wise… fl > 2nd fl. 2nd ml > ml.

  9. Interesting! The 2nd FL’s character is one of the major reasons for me to quit watching after ep 7. Her creepy smiles freaked me out. Lol. Whenever I pondered catching up the drama again, the image of her calculating face just turned me off.

  10. Nah. Lol. Main leads did their thing! It just so happened to be that they casted freaking strong second leads too. The whoooooole cast killed it! I’ve never been so moved by so many character’s and their ACTUAL character arcs, gah! That was some solid acting. I put it way more on the delivery than the story. Each actor had to sell their character’s story, emotions, and interactions with others, and WOW, absolutely crushed it all around. SO IMPRESSED!!! I’ll definitely be looking out for ALL of them in the future!

  11. I think it’s that fans of the main leads are mad that the show’s publicity was centered on giving the spotlight to the 2nd/3rd leads. There were so many scenes that the drama could have promoted that gave spotlight to, like for example, Esther’s crying and fighting scenes, but they chose not to do that. One of the reasons might be that Esther’s next dramas are not with iqiyi anymore, or that the other leads are signed with iqiyi or Guo Jingming. But when you give most of the weibo trends to the other leads and barely any to the main leads, you are going to get pissed off fans. There were weibo trends for Esther that got the character name wrong, or the show’s weibo account using her solo trends to promote the 2nd FL, or having trends that were negative for the main characters. Things like that add up to show that the main leads used as stepping stones for the other people and you can’t blame fans for getting mad at the production/director.

  12. Depends on the contract. If they signed on 2 seasons, then they are contractually bound to appear in season 2. If not, then they can recast. To me all c actors look the same these days.

  13. I don’t think this true at all. Sounds like more rumour mongering from antis. For some reason certain people have been trying to smear this drama from the jump and now it has aired successfully are still trying to sow dischord.

    Both leads did very well – as did the whole cast- and the drama was a success. There probably won’t be a second season because it doesn’t need a second season rather than trying to blame the lead actors and paint them as petty and messy people.

  14. So (all assumption but…) I never assumed there was going to be a second season since it’s fairly rare and almost always announced and filmed ahead of time.

    As for the cliffhanger… I thought it was a way of getting viewers to read the novel version being put out on iQiyi (potentially as a way to test out/make money with a secondary digital platform(?)…)

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