Xianxia Young Adventure Drama Tiger and Crane with Jiang Long, Zhang Ling He, and Wang Yu Wen to Premiere October 2nd

So C-actor Zhang Ling He went from no dramas to what may be three dramas in less than two months time airing. The xianxia drama Tiger and Crane just announced an October 2nd premiere on iQiyi after total silence on this one basically since it filmed in early 2022. Starring Zhang Ling He with Jiang Long as a dual male lead drama with Wang Yu Wen as the female lead but the story centers more about this ragtag team of young warriors going on a group adventure trying to save the world type story. It totally reminds me of a xianxia version of the wuxia story from the Gu Long novel Handsome Siblings which has gotten tons of drama adaptations over the decades. Check out the posters and trailer below to see if this one interests you.


Xianxia Young Adventure Drama Tiger and Crane with Jiang Long, Zhang Ling He, and Wang Yu Wen to Premiere October 2nd — 7 Comments

    • Or perhaps ZLH overdone? I hope not.

      I liked his first leading role in Maiden Holmes a lot. He gave fresh vibes to C idol dramas. But since then, He’s been looking and felt almost the same. That’s a major issue of many actors – no interesting progression of their acting styles.

      I hope he gets more creative projects rather than working through all similar dramas in the same genre. He would soon get stale if just cashing in as much as possible without purposely planning on his acting career prospect.

      • @somebody: I really liked him in Maiden Holmes and I think that was his first role. He was very charismatic and had a fresh appeal about him. I thought he had so much potential so it’s cool to see my intuition was right and his career exploded since.

        However, I said this in the other Dilraba post but the problem is now young actors’ agencies just put them on a conveyor belt of dramas usually playing similar roles so they can capitalise on hype keep the fangirls fed and the endorsements flowing. It doesn’t really give them time to develop or improve their craft. ZLH is doing a decent job so far but he is at a slight disadvantage because he didn’t study acting so he is basically learning on the job and there’s only so much he can learn playing in these types of characters in these types of dramas.

  1. I like that he can tap into the goofy, vulnerable side of himself and his characters. In that way, he hasn’t felt like he’s himself in a billion dramas, therefore, I don’t mind that he’s been in everything recently. Haha. He’s pretty good. Nothing has really been his notable role yet, but he’s been fantastic in all his projects, so that’s a far step up from all his acting bros and sisses. Lol. I like that this is martial arts and friendship focused. Hopefully it’s fun.

  2. After watching I Am Nobody, feels like I need another wuxia. Maybe I should watch this. I couldn’t find other drama with modern wuxia genre

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