Upcoming Late 2023 Through 2024 C-dramas Release OTP Hanging Out New Posters for Mid-autumn Festival

So today September 29th is Mid-autumn Zhong Qiu in Mandarin Chinese or Chuseok in Korean and it’s basically Asian Thanksgiving. Family gathering together to eat and hang out, plus drinking and watching TV together. C-dramas usually release new posters for all the major holidays such as Chinese Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year and of course Mid-autumn Festival. This year’s batch are pretty mid if you ask me, ranging from bad photoshopping on a flat backdrop for The Last Immortal to a lot of the OTP hanging out inertia with The Legend of Shen Li, A Journey to Love, Sword and Fairy, et. al. Kudos to Reborn for Love to being the only horizontal drama to all the vertical ones and lulz on Wang Chu Ran for picking her next drama to also have the word Fireworks in it way to make sure viewers don’t forget.

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