CP4 Drama Sword and Fairy 4 Opens with 4.2 on Douban While CP6 Drama Sword and Fairy Gets 5.1 as Both Dramas Limp to Conclusion

I feel like the expected success of xianxia C-drama Love Between Devil and Fairy in 2022 made everyone think that xianxia dramas were more than just niche offerings with the occasional success. Otherwise how to explain the expectations for recent xianxia offerings like The Last Immortal and now both Chinese Paladin game adaptations Sword and Fairy 4 based on CP4 and Sword and Fairy based on CP6. The Last Immortal ended up kinda breaking even in the hit front, neither a flop nor a success and the Douban ratings of 6.1 look real good right about now with the two Sword and Fairy ratings out.

Sword and Fairy 4 with Ju Jing Yi and Chen Zhe Yuan opened with 4.2 and just a smidge better but still really low is Sword and Fairy with Xu Kai and Yu Shu Xin at 5.1. The fight over top billing in Sword and Fairy 4 sure looks pointless now. Gaming fans of the franchise are super sad both dramas aren’t good feel that it’s the nail in the coffin with respect to this franchise being now outdated. For me, I’m super into Sword and Fairy thanks to liking the two leads, finding the special effects a bit better, and being engaged with the OTP storyline but it’s solely a guilty pleasure as there is no way I can ever recommend the drama with a straight face haha. I’m glad to put both CP adaptations behind us all and move on to hopefully better C-dramas ahead in 2024.


CP4 Drama Sword and Fairy 4 Opens with 4.2 on Douban While CP6 Drama Sword and Fairy Gets 5.1 as Both Dramas Limp to Conclusion — 21 Comments

  1. I tried to watch both but I really could not continue…CP4 is so fake looking… CP5 did not hold my attention for long. Definitely created for a different demographics and market audience…

    I will start on Amidst a Snowstorm of Love which just debut.

      • I have watched 3 eps of Amidst a Snowstorm. It may not be for everyone. It’s a slow burned romance and I like it. I like how the love lines are quietly but convincingly progressed that the relationship was gradually built up. It’s not like many cringy worthy romcom with a lot of cheesy gimmicks to woo viewers who love to fantasize LOL. Both Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai are good so far and the chemistry feels real. Specifically Wu Lei is so convincing and charismatic as a gifted pool shark! I used to pick up billiard in physical education at college. It’s a sport mainly using arm coordination and brain to win a game. The sport needs a lot of understanding of physics, particularly fascinating to me as a STEM major back then. I really like these two young actors a lot. Nonetheless, I wish the script could have been better written without looking too mundane and pedestrian. Also if the directing creates a better story flow with more creative shots (the snow scenes could have been shot more beautifully), this can be a good melodrama.

  2. Are you seriously lumping The Last Immortal with both CP4 and CP6?! That in itself is a crime! I can’t with you Koala. TLI is miles apart from both in terms of acting and quality as well as being a hit maybe not a mega hit but far from just breaking it even. Just because they were aired close together you go about lumping them together

    • Right? And the ratings from different reporting platforms are showing it’s still going strong. And now it’s on Netflix, with new CGI and they said, maybe a longer/slightly added-on ending montage. I’m looking forward to rewatching it on Netflix.

    • Why wouldn’t she lump them together, when none of the dramas mentioned lived up to expectations? I’m a huge ZLS fan and stuck to the drama to the end for her sake, but even I would say how painful some of the episodes were to watch. I can admire an actress but not be totally blind to her flaws. That the drama made 6.1 on Douban says a lot of her fandom supporting her even though the drama is nothing to write home about. If it weren’t for them, the ratings would be much lower. Some people enjoyed it, but most people were turned off by the quality of the script, production and (dare I say it?) acting. Neither CP4 nor CP6 were anything to write home about either, but I feel that the behind the scenes drama between the leads of CP4 about billing order left a sour taste in the viewers minds which a poorly produced drama couldn’t overcome and that lowered the ratings even further. Otherwise, CP4 and CP6 are about the same in quality and acting, and deserve equal ratings.

      • I literally 2x the whole drama just cos I wanted to watch Zhao Lusi, but the drama really is SO boring. I hope she picks her next drama properly. No way am I gonna sit through another snoozefest for her again.

      • That is your perception. As for me, I totally enjoyed the drama. So much for me to say it’s one of my top ZLS dramas. It in fact exceeded my expectations because I was expecting to not like it so I guess that’s where the difference is. I have to point out, it was broadcasted on two different platforms at once so that shows it was a hit. It cannot be compared to dramas that are literally shown on just one platform. Naturally data will be divided. As for it not being fair to lump it together, I stand by what I said. It’s far better than both CP4 and CP6. The scores are fair and reflective of all those dramas I agree, but don’t just dismiss that TLI has higher score it’s only because of ZLS fans. If we go by your logic, are you saying then that both leads in CP4 and CP6 don’t have enough fans that watched the dramas to make it have a higher score in Douban and higher ratings as well. It’s not just hardcore fans that leave scores, also passersby watchers.

    • TLI is a hot only in the minds of delusional fans.

      It was a fail in every aspect possible. Get a grip. Even the most ardent Chinese fans of ZLS aren’t trying to make this drama into something it is not.

      • Don’t call them delulu fans, the fact that it was boring and not a good show doesn’t mean others didn’t enjoy it has much, it all about preferences. The same goes to SnF 4 and SnF 6, others might have enjoyed it but the lot didn’t, it does not make them delusional, I call it preferences. We call have what we enjoy n don’t, the fact that u don’t doesn’t mean others shouldn’t as well.

  3. well, I am currently watching Love Endures and it is the only drama that keeping me from watching cdrama, and the chemistry for today’s episode ugh!!!! 😍😍😍

  4. I think CP6 has a certain charm to it. For sure it’s slower paced than other dramas I’m used to, but the characters all had their own appeal (minus the wolf guy who i think is totally miscasted against Wan Peng – how could they do that to her?!).

    It still feels like it’s a story being told rather than the characters making their own stories, but that’s more of the director’s fault. Otherwise, the strong cast makes it a low feel-good drama to watch if you’ve got nothing else going on.

  5. Ahahhaha youtube algorithm at work, somehow I’m being recommended this video on comparison between cp1, cp3, cp4, cp6 lmao


    I don’t understand what it’s saying but I know what they want to say lmao

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