Wu Lei and Yang Chao Yue Tapped for Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan Chapter to go Into Production Later in the Year

So the casting wheel changed up one rumored lead but kept the other and I’m meh with the change TBH. There are three chapters of the Fox Spirit Matchmaker ( 塗山小紅娘) stories to be turned into dramas, the first is the one we see promos for Fox Spirit Matchmaker is the Yue Hong chapter (月红篇) with Yang Mi and Gong Jun. There is also the Wang Quan chapter (王權篇) that late last year was rumored to star Wu Lei and Yu Shu Xin but there week there is a supposed soft confirmation that the male lead is the same but the female lead is now Yang Chao Yue. She’s currently starring in the xianxia drama Chong Zi (or The Journey of Chong Zi) which I keep reading a Zhong Zi when I see the pinyin and craving sticky rice haha, but anyhoo neither Yang Chao Yue or Yu Shu Xin has moved in to watch their stuff beyond an episode so it’s still a Wu Lei centric reason to check this out when it airs.

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Xianxia C-drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker with Yang Mi and Gong Jun Wraps Filming and Releases Official BTS Filming Sneak Peek

Now that filming has wrapped for the high profile Fox Spirit Matchmaker (the Yue Hong chapter) with Yang Mi and Gong Jun, it’s time to over/under whether this drama will air in 2023 or somehow drag until 2024 to premiere. … Continue reading

Wu Lei and Yu Shu Xin Reportedly Cast for the Third Drama in the Fox Spirit Matchmaker Series the Wang Quan Chapter

The just finished filming and highly anticipated Fox Spirit Matchmaker (涂山小红娘) with Yang Mi and Gong Jun is actually the first of three Fox Spirit Matchmaker dramas. That chapter is called the Yue Hong chapter (月红篇), and was supposed to … Continue reading

Yang Mi Embodies Goddess Vibes in New Stills for Fox Spirit Matchmaker But Online Bickering Between Yang Mi and Gong Jun’s Fandom Starts to Distract

Last week was C-actress Yang Mi‘s birthday and both her upcoming dramas She and Her Perfect Husband and xianxia drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker released new stills to celebrate. Fox Spirit Matchmaker is adapted from a hit game which alone has … Continue reading

Yang Mi and Gong Jun Start Filming Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Fantasy Anime Fox Spirit Matchmaker

The musical chairs combination of C-actor and C-actress pairings has landed on Yang Mi and Gong Jun for the high profile fantasy C-drama project Fox Spirit Matchmaker (涂山小红娘). The two will star in one of the three segments in the … Continue reading