C-actress Ren Min’s Team Reportedly Will No Longer Accept Period Roles After She’s Criticized Yet Again for Her Visuals in Recently Airing Period Drama White Cat Legend

So I think the whole fallout with C-actress Ren Min and her period visuals (or lack thereof) with last year’s xianxia C-drama The Longest Promise was after she had filmed additional period dramas. Since then I don’t believe she’s accepted another period role and looks like it’s intentionally not going to happen anymore. She’s currently in the period drama White Cat Legend in a guest starring role and is getting criticized again for her poor visuals in period costume. Reportedly her team does not intend to have her do anymore period dramas going forward to avoid these critiques and I appreciate that her agency won’t intentionally put her in the same vulnerable positions to be attacked as she looks way better in modern dramas. She does have another already completed period drama as the female lead on deck which is The Rise of Ning with Zhang Wan Yi so let’s see how her visuals look there when it airs.

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Wang Chu Ran Getting Major Glow Up Thanks to Stealing Female Lead’s Visual Thunder in The Longest Promise Just in Time for Her Own Starring Role in Soon-to-air Drama Fireworks of My Heart with Top Star Yang Yang

Dang, talk about fireworks to come and also what major timing that is going the way of C-actress Wang Chu Ran. She’s currently the second female lead in The Longest Promise with Xiao Zhan and Ren Min and honestly she’s … Continue reading

Xiao Zhan’s Top Star Status and Visuals Carries the Cheesy Xianxia C-drama The Longest Promise with Ren Min’s Dumb as Bricks Female Lead Character

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The Longest Wait May be Over as Period C-drama The Longest Promise with Xiao Zhan and Ren Min Receive Airing Approval with Likely August 2023 Release

I’m just popping popcorn here wondering which C-dramas are going to pass the censors this summers what with the May bloodbath that sent a handful onto the shelves abruptly. Xianxia romance C-drama The Longest Promise was filmed two years ago … Continue reading