Zhao Lu Si Sweeps the Top Three of the Most Recent Baidu Poll on Favorite 95-Flower Roles with Yu Shu Xin Making the List Not for Her Most Recent Hit Drama

This summer of 2022 was really a two-horse race of Love Between Fairy and Devil and Love Like the Galaxy, and it wasn’t for television ratings are both are web dramas but for buzz and cache. My two cents says both dramas are male lead dominant, i.e. it benefitted Dylan Wang and Wu Lei respectively more than the female leads. That’s kinda validated with the most recent Baidu poll on favorite 95-flower drama roles taken last month and it actually adds new dramas to my to-watch list. 10th spot goes to Bai Lu for her role as Zhao Yao in The Legends, then its Zhou Ye in modern drama Better Days in 9th spot, followed by Song Zhu Er as Yu Ran in Novoland: Eagle Flag in 8th. Liuliang queen Yu Shu Xin makes the 7th spot not for Fairy but for her role as Cai Minmin in Find Yourself. Ren Min takes the 6th spot for Serenade of Peaceful Joy and then 5th for her role in Cry Me a Sad River so a double whammy. Her Serenade female lead Wang Chu Ran is in the 4h spot and then it’s a Zhao Lu Si sweep all the way starting with LLTG role of Cheng Shao Shang in 3rd, then her second female lead role in The Long Ballad, and taking top spot is none other than Chen Qian Qian in Romance of Tiger and Rose. This is a poll of course of favorite roles for the post-95 flowers so no comparison to the older top queens that are Yang Mi, Dilraba Dilmarut, Yang Zi, Liu Shi Shi, Crystal Liu, and Zhao Li Ying.

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Xianxia C-drama The Longest Promise with Xiao Zhan and Ren Min Release New Stills for Mid-Autumn Festival with No Airing Date in Sight

The title for The Longest Promise may end up prescient if this drama keeps on never having an air date. There are plenty of long shelved C-dramas but so far this one doesn’t have a scandal and the topic isn’t … Continue reading

C-netizens Think Xianxia C-drama The Longest Promise with Xiao Zhan and Ren Min Will Be Next Big Tencent Drama Following Love Like the Galaxy

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