K-ent Reporting Upcoming MBC Drama 20th Century Boy and Girl May Delay Production

Oh wow, this is a really shocking drama filming update, and makes sense in light of no promos seen yet for this drama airing at the end of September. K-ent is reporting that production may be halted or delayed for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama 20th Century Boy and Girl, which was slated to take over the time slot from sageuk A King Loves which ends its run on September 19th.

There is no details on if production will be shut down, which is reportedly due to a strike happening at network MBC, but this is such a tough spot for the cast and crew, not to mention MBC has only 4 weeks to scramble for another drama to take over and will likely need to air short dramas or filler shows to allow a new drama time to ready for airing. I’ll update if I hear more but it’s disappointing for me since I was looking forward to this one.

20th Century Boy and Girl stars Han Ye Seul, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Sang Woo, Ryu Hyun Kyung, Oh Sang Jin, and Ahn Se Ha, with the script by screenwriter Lee Sun Hye of Answer Me 1997 and PD Lee Dong Yoon of Happy Home, Fated to Love You, and Queen’s Classroom. The leads have been spotted in HK the last two weeks filming location shoots, and on a side note it sucks doubly having Han Ye Seul involved in a drama with background issues since the Spy Myung Wol debacle still tags along with her.


K-ent Reporting Upcoming MBC Drama 20th Century Boy and Girl May Delay Production — 11 Comments

  1. Didn’t know there was a workers strike at MBC. Work conditions must be quit terrible there. I feel bad for the cast and care of this gets delayed but if MBC employee felt they needs to rally and stand up for themselves, so be it.

    Also I’m in awe of the male leads in this drama, they are both so good looking! Kim Ji Suk is handsome and cute while Lee Sang Woo is handsome and sexy (his tan is a blessing). Both my type and I would not be able to choose between the two in my daydreams haha.

    • It’s actually a strike to demand the resignation of the president. Something about journalism integrity as he/she was supporting the disgraced ex president of Souh Korea. So it’s not about working conditions.

      • Ok now that’s of vital importance in any free society and way more important than kdramas. I wish them luck.

  2. There’ll be a strike at both MBC and KBS, and many more shows are likely to be effected. The strike is actually for a very noble cause:freedom of the press. There has been corruption at the highest level of both networks which has resulted in stories which are critical of the government being squashed, and journalists being punished for attempting to tell those stories. Media censorship is a serious impediment to democracy, and I think the strikers should be applauded for putting their jobs on the line and taking a stand for freedom.

    As disappointed as we might be about not being able to watch our fave shows for a while, I hope most fans will look at the bigger picture and find ways to adjust to the schedule changes without complaining too much.


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