Jung So Min Signs with Ieum Hashtag and Leaves TH Company After One Year Ahead of 30 Days Movie Premiere Next Month

So K-actress Jung So Min is in the news this week for two separate but kinda connected things. Her new Korean rom-com movie 30 Days opposite Kang Ha Neul is coming out next month on October 3rd so promos are starting up. But she’s also leaving his agency TH Company after signing last year, the agency was formed by Kang Ha Neul when his own contract expired and he set off solo. Obviously she got the role in 30 Days with him as part of the agency and perhaps it’s not as focused on her career so now she’s joining the actress heavy Ieum Hashtag, the same agency that reps Jeon Ji Hyun, Seo Ji Hye, Kim So Hyun, and Seolhyun. I feel like Ieum is assembling a top female book just to have them all star in some fantasy female superhero or assassin sisters movie lol.

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