Macau Gambling and Movie Tycoon Alvin Chau Gets 18 Years in Prison for Unlawful Gambling as China Continues Crack Down

When I saw this headline today the first thing I thought was OMG it’s the dude in the biggest wife-mistress battle in HK entertainment in recent memory! Macau gambling and frequent movie investor tycoon Alvin Chau has been sentenced by the Macau court to 18 years in prison after his trial for unlawful gambling and money laundering. He used to run Macau’s biggest junket company Suncity and its various subsidiaries and was worth US billions of dollars. He was accused of under the table gambling which resulted in undeclared income and gambling tax dollars to Macau and the city cracked down on him and over 30 gambling honchos and lackeys during COVID-19 likely prompted by the loss of regular casino income and searching for the loopholes. Alvin was more famous before for being in the HK gossip rags as publicly having an affair with model-actress Mandy Lieu with wife Heidi Chan duking it out in public with Mandy via competing SNS posts. He stashed Mandy in the UK and she had 4 kids with him in 5 years but they broke up in 2019 and she got millions of dollars to go buy a farm where she now works as an lifestyle influencer and raising the four kids. Wife Heidi at one point was pregnant with his daughter at the SAME TIME Mandy was pregnant with his daughter. Anyhoo, he’s off to prison and likely a hefty fine. Things are not looking good for other Macau gambling tycoon Levo Chan, married to TW-actress Ady An, who was arrested around the same time as Alvin.

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