Korea Prepping Drama Version of An Officer and a Gentleman

I’veย was just catching up on banked episodes of Three Meals a Day this weekend, so hearing wordย that Lee Seo Jin is in talks for an upcoming K-drama is great news perfect serendipity. Lee Seo Jin has such a masculine aura and in the past played plenty of military roles like sageuk generals and commanders so this drama sounds right up his alley. Too bad his side has quickly debunked his casting but the drama still sounds intriguing to me and is worth writing about.

Production is being prepped for a K-drama version of An Officer and a Gentleman set in a marine universityย in Busan. The drama is slated for 20-episodes and plans to start filming this December with an eye towards a mid-2016 airing date on one of the big three networks. The drama will be the first set at a marine university and will depict the education, maturation, and romance of the students and instructors. I don’t think Lee Seo Jin’s swift rejection of this drama means much since stars have been known to back track later so it’s possible he could end up doing it. Continue reading