Major Reunion Coming for TW Complicated Romance Anthology Series Starring Ariel Lin, Tiffany Ann Hsu, Mike He, and Kai Ko

The musical chairs of TW-casting totally hit a homerun here and brought up a complete reunion of all four leads. This week TW-ent announced and upcoming anthology series titled Not Kind Enough Us (不夠善良的我們) with dual female leads Ariel Lin and Tiffany Ann Hsu playing onscreen romance rivals for 12 years. Man, is the It Started with a Kiss rivalry still ongoing haha! This time around it’s Ariel who is the Xiao San mistress who successfully steals the man from Ann. The male leads will be Mike He and Kai Ko both of whom have worked with Ariel before as well. The director also worked with Ariel on her last big hit TW-drama In Time With You. Good job Taiwan, way to pack together so much of my loves into one intriguing new project.

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Roy Qiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu Drop Bombshell News of Marriage After Earlier Rumors of Them Falling in Love After Filming TW-movie When a Man Loves

Hol up there dawg! Seriously, I need like a LOOOOOOONG minute here. Maybe an hour. I need the digest the news and also wonder if that’s is going to be one awwwwwkward best friends/high school gang reunion going forward. Or … Continue reading

Tiffany Hsu is Married News Heat Up Again After She’s Spotted with Wedding Ring and Rumored Hubby Liu You Nian and His Parents Attend Her Stage Performance

Normally it’s the male stars that deny deny deny dating/marriage relationships but the last two years has seen TW-actress and model Tiffany Hsu (Ann Hsu) boldly holding firm to the official line that she’s still a single lady. Tiffany of … Continue reading