C-actress Zhou Xun and American Actor Archie Kao Confirm Divorce After 6 Years of Marriage

I follow entertainment news and even this one caught me off guard yesterday because I thought these two were divorced already! Top C-actress Zhou Xun and Asian-American actor Archie Kao went public yesterday and confirmed they are divorced. This came on the heels of a woman posting a picture of her and Archie kissing and tagging his SNS with a love message. Clearly it forced Archie and Zhou Xun to make a statement and these two notoriously low key people posted on their own SNS the same short statement “Wishing (You) well”. C-ent has been reporting these two were on the splits since 2016 and divorced as early as 2017, but honestly it was a very big bridge to cross for a Chinese actress and US actor to communicate and build a life on such different backgrounds, with only their acting career the main commonality. They were quite the pretty as a picture couple but alas this Christmas it appears another split has added to the somber mood. Wishing each happiness going forward, 好聚好散.

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