Wi Ha Joon Embraces His Wild Character With Straight Man Lee Dong Wook in Posters and Preview for tvN Drama Bad and Crazy

Upcoming tvN drama Bad and Crazy has been coy about what the correlation or relation between the titular bad and crazy two male leads will be but it’s hard not to jump right into the Fight Club references especially since the promos play it up. Clearly Wi Ha Joon‘s crazy dude is Lee Dong Wook‘s bad guy’s subconscious good but uncontrollable alter ego, and knowing it doesn’t ruin the show in the least. It’s about the journey here, to see a morally bankrupt cop suddenly turn good because some crazy dude keeps showing up to force him to, like gosh what our conscience does to each and every one of us on the daily but in less high stakes way. It’s clear Wi Ha Joon is having barrels of fun because why not when he is the Id and has no filter, while Lee Dong Wook is less the uptight straight man as I worried he would be and seems to be embracing the WTF is happening with plenty of energy. The drama looks good on paper and so far in previews so keep on dishing out the Bad and Crazy duo cuz I want more.

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