Son Ye Jin and Bolin Chen Shine in Femina Magazine and Ready for Chase Movie Bad Guys Must Die

This is a most excellent onscreen pairing, and it’s an opinion I have even without watching them together, and even if the movie ends up a dud. Whoever thought to bring together Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen and Korean actress Son Ye Jin was doing more than picking popular star names out of a hat, these two have very similar acting styles that aren’t always utilized properly. They can do fun lightweight projects as comfortably as the dark gritty roles, but both needs to do more mainstream fare to keep up the broader fanbase.

Among the spate of Korean-Chinese collaboration projects, the Jeju-based chase movie Bad Guys Always Die is about to hit the theaters looking way cooler than I expected. Bolin plays that sweet spot of nice guy in a bind, while Ye Jin gets to be kickass in a way she pulls off unexpectedly well despite her soft feminine demeanor. The two leads are on the cover and pages of Chinese fashion magazine Femina in a tres cute spread, making it a reverse Song Seung HeonCrystal Liu if you will. Continue reading

Bad Guys Always Die with Bolin Chen and Son Ye Jin Drops First Exciting Movie Trailer

Consider me excited now for upcoming Chinese-Korean collaboration movie Bad Guys Always Die (坏蛋必须死). I really haven’t seen a good collab movie or drama since the groundswell of such projects started in recent years, but this one looks as entertaining … Continue reading