Namgoong Min’s Likely Daesang at the MBC 2021 Year End Drama Awards Now in Question After Junho’s Performance in The Red Sleeve Cuff Gains Momentum

I think this will be interesting to see who ends up winning, but then again MBC is also known for sharing the Daesang in the past. The discussion for the 2021 Year End Drama awards for MBC was always Namgoong Min in The Veil (Black Sun). He’s a phenomenal actor, he gained 20 lbs of pure muscle for the method acting role, and of course he did bring in decent ratings for the flagging network. The network drama awards are always about thanking and acknowledging the stars who have delivered in ratings and performance plus there is a seniority/veteran flow of awarding. So this is genuinely a surprise to see K-ent discussing how Junho could now get the Daesang for his unexpectedly awesome sageuk performance in The Red Sleeve Cuff. I don’t know who deserves it more on “pure acting” but I do know the decision is less on that and will probably be made in a way that doesn’t upset anyone while also thanking the right people.

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