Nam Joo Hyuk Tries to Woo Modern Day Psychiatrist Shin Se Kyung as his Bride of the Water God

I can sense that tvN is trying hard to sell upcoming drama adaptation of Bride of the Water God and I can’t say it’s not working. For me at least, I can see the heavy handed approach but still can’t help but be enchanted enough to want to tune in. New stills are out showing Nam Joo Hyuk’s water god Habaek with his bride So Ah, who in the modern world is a psychiatrist. Interesting, so does she think this handsome dude is crazy for claiming to be an ancient water god and she his bride? I always say a Korean actor or actress’s career isn’t complete until playing a doctor since that’s the pinnacle achievement in Korean culture of a child’s academic success, so Shin Se Kyung gets to play her medical education against someone beyond the boundaries of facts and enters into fiction. If Habaek looked like Nam Joo Hyuk then I’m all for living in a fictional world, lol.


Nam Joo Hyuk Tries to Woo Modern Day Psychiatrist Shin Se Kyung as his Bride of the Water God — 7 Comments

  1. I first saw this actor in the korean version of Bubuxing drama. Then I saw snippets of him in Weightlifting Fairy, honestly I didnt think him to be ahurrmm, good looking but the pictures above, goodness! He looks really really as in really mighty charming good looking young man. Im with Cap K, if a water God looks like him then Im al for the fictional world too. ^^

  2. Honestly, I trust the writer who did a fantastic job with Arang and Misaeng and so as the director. But none of the leads convince me. I always find Shin Se Kyung boring and Nam Joo Hyuk not charismatic enough. I will tune it only to see whether the premiere episode enough to prove me wrong over my reservations on this drama.

  3. I like Shin Se Kyung…so I may watch…I like Nam Joo Hyuk too but they don’t have chemistry…according to the stills. I miss Boon Yi and her King. T_T

  4. But arang and Misaeng didn’t just have good writer and director respectively to their credit.The actors in both of the aforementioned dramas had chemistry, charisma and well known for good to excellent acting.

    Like Misaeng: had Kang Ha Neul,Kang So Ra, Lee Sung Min, and Im Si Wan.

    Arang: had Lee Jun Ki, Shin Min Ah, Yeo Woo Jin.

    Or even if you go to the previous works of the writer nim and PD nim, at least the main cast or one of the main cast was a solid good actor.While this drama, the lead actors are just mediocre to ok actors and the trailers are not doing a good job at showcasing their chemistry .Thats why it’s had to inspire confidence in them.

    Now I wish I am wrong and that they do well.They are both generally good people with no cocky airs to them in real life so I can’t hate them unnecessarily.But I still feel the main lead should have worked his way up slowly slowly and improve his craft.he is still young only 23.No need to rush.

    As for the female lead,she has the experience but her limitation is what she did to her face.Its like in a permanent frozen state.she can barely form facial expressions or maybe it’s because she only mostly chooses serious roles.

    I predict this will be a popular drama among the young international audience because of the “pretty”.But will not gain the same amount of popularity with the domestic audience.That is why they are trying to sell it so hard to try and convince the domestic audience to watch it.

    • I get what you are saying. However, I think I’m one of those people who can actually put up with middle of the road acting if the story is solid. This could be true for other people like me who were disappointed in Goblin. (we do exist) Goblin had amazing directing, solid actors but the story just got boring for me so I dropped around episode 9 and it killed me because it was so pretty to look at.

      I’m definitely not in the “young” set but I’ll give this a go with an open mind, but if the story sucks, I’m out regardless of the pretty.

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