Newbie C-actor Chu Zi Jun Reportedly Under Investigation for Rape Leading to Last Minute Editing for My Journey to You and Also Filming for Duoluo Continent 2 to Pause

Two C-dramas were affected this past week due to a rookie/newbie actor named Chu Zi Jun, who at 22 years old and barely into the industry may already be done with career wise. C-ent gossip is saying that Chu Zi Jun is being investigated for rape after an accusation, and that he was led away by authorities on the filming set of Duoluo Continent 2 (called The Land of Warriors) and that filming has been halted for the time being on that set. He has a supporting role in period C-drama My Journey to You, not as big as a second male lead but also not just a random few scenes character either. Reportedly the production is last minute editing him out of that drama in order to air by month end but not sure how that will affect the quality of said drama narrative.

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