Crystal Yuan Swapped Out with Zhu Xu Dan in Upcoming High Profile Xianxia Drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker with Yang Mi and Gong Jun

C-actress Crystal Yuan (Yuan Bing Yan) is the latest celeb to be association with tax evasion in Mainland China’s crackdown on tax dodging. It’s not for her personal income tax payment but a company caught underreporting income and therefore underpaid taxes and she was an executive director, manager, and shareholder in that company. Reportedly her ban will not be as harsh as the consequences on some other top stars but time will tell. But the first big move has arrived with Crystal Yuan being removed from the upcoming big budget highly anticipated xianxia drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker adapted from the popular manhua and anime. The leads are Yang Mi and Gong Jun and Crystal Yuan was to play the second female lead, and now her role is being taken over by Zhu Xu Dan who played one of the antagonist supporting female leads with Yang Mi years ago in Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms and most recently was Zhou Zhi Ruo in the most recent adaptation of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre. It’s an equivalent swap out if you ask me and a smart move who knows what will be the situation with Crystal Yuan when this drama airs.

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