Cha Eun Woo Offered Male Lead in K-drama Adaptation of Weird and Wacky Webtoon Dakgangjeong About Sweet and Sour Fried Chicken

Hul, talk about so weird I actually had to read the synopsis twice to process and also that this is apparently a wacky comedic of sorts and not some horror story. Cha Eun Woo will continue his drama streak after True Beauty, up next is playing the second male lead in fantasy supernatural drama Island and he may have yet another project to segue into after that. He’s been offered the male lead in the K-drama adaptation of webtoon Dakgangjeong (the title is the name of a South Korea sweet and sour fried chicken dish). The story centers around a machine and turns humans into dakgangjeong and a company director’s daughter gets turned into a piece of sweet and sour fried chicken and her dad needs to find a way to turn her back. It’s described as off beat and weird but heartwarming, to which I say hul yet again. The drama is from director Lee Byung Hun of Be Melodramatic and the movie Extreme Jobs, and here he will do double duty in directing and writing the script which is is not a newbie at as he wrote the script for hit movie Speedy Scandal. All this just makes me crave dakgangjeong for lunch today lol.

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