Cha Eun Woo Offered Male Lead in K-drama Adaptation of Weird and Wacky Webtoon Dakgangjeong About Sweet and Sour Fried Chicken

Hul, talk about so weird I actually had to read the synopsis twice to process and also that this is apparently a wacky comedic of sorts and not some horror story. Cha Eun Woo will continue his drama streak after True Beauty, up next is playing the second male lead in fantasy supernatural drama Island and he may have yet another project to segue into after that. He’s been offered the male lead in the K-drama adaptation of webtoon Dakgangjeong (the title is the name of a South Korea sweet and sour fried chicken dish). The story centers around a machine and turns humans into dakgangjeong and a company director’s daughter gets turned into a piece of sweet and sour fried chicken and her dad needs to find a way to turn her back. It’s described as off beat and weird but heartwarming, to which I say hul yet again. The drama is from director Lee Byung Hun of Be Melodramatic and the movie Extreme Jobs, and here he will do double duty in directing and writing the script which is is not a newbie at as he wrote the script for hit movie Speedy Scandal. All this just makes me crave dakgangjeong for lunch today lol.


Cha Eun Woo Offered Male Lead in K-drama Adaptation of Weird and Wacky Webtoon Dakgangjeong About Sweet and Sour Fried Chicken — 50 Comments

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  2. He is so handsome. My jaw dropped when i sae him in GB for first time and still it is opened. Damn i know he is not a great actor but i m shallow anyways

    • It’s a great decision by the director I must say, he disserve this opportunity. Besides good look he has many talents we should praise him for that. Any he has been in acting since very long, he disserves to be a main lead ?. As he has given his best in GB a d TB.

      • I don’t agree. I liked him in GB but at the end, his character showed some growth but he couldn’t show it by his acting. In True Beauty, he was disapointing, he wasn’t better than in GB when it was the same role! TB was good thanks to Moon Ga-Young who was incredible in this role.

        In Rookie Historian, his character was useless and he couldn’t make him shine. He was just there making round eyes…

        He was overshadowed by the other actors : Kwak Dong-Yeon in GB, Hwang In-Yeop in TB and Lee Ji-Hoon in Rookie Historian.

        I liked him in Master of the House, he’s good in entertainment TV shows. He has a nice personality and he’s fun.But in acting, he’s not main role material.

    • It’s not even confirmed that he’ll take this role as Fantagio says he’s receiving a lot of lovecalls and this is only one of many projects he’s reviewing the offer for, not to mention in the Korean article there was no mention of him being a lead role just offered an appearance, but here you are already speaking badly of him already and you don’t even have all of the facts. That says a lot about you. And I’m afraid it’s not good.

    • I m sure PD knows what he’s doing and doesn’t need user Sayaris to validate his decisions. Thanks for your interest in Eunwoo by the way

    • My feelings exactly. Why would you go from Kim Woobin, Kang Haneul, Junho, Jo Jong Seok to….THAT? No amount of pretty makes up for that much woodenness!

      • Because what you who is not an expert in that field sees woodness the experts in the field see as talent and potential. He’s hasn’t chosen the script yet but you guys are already foaming at the mouth over it. Relax he’s just doing one drama a year. It doesn’t hurt you in anyway.

  3. It’s appalling he keeps getting cast for lead roles with his abysmal acting skills. So many talented male actors who would be a better choice and they select this walking mannequin.

      • That wasn’t rude. That’s exactly what he is: a pretty face. His pitiful acting and taking lead roles from talented actors is what I would call rude. If he had any humility he would get acting classes instead of ruining roles he doesn’t have the talent for.
        How many dramas has he starred in now and the props on set can out-act him?

        If this was a thread on one of the perceived untalented actresses like Suzy or Jin Se Yeon there would be 50 posts full of vitriol calling them every name and accusing them of sponsors and mediaplay but because he has a handsome face and a penis people like you will defend him.

      • I second Sunny’s opinion. If he were a woman, the crazy users who defend another wooden male actor would be dragging him through the dirt. At least with Suzy, she can be charming in certain roles despite lacking in the acting department. Eunwoo is just plain bad with no on-screen charm whatsoever. A mannequin, like you said.

      • Sorry we r not sorry if we r not bunch of lesbians here
        And eunwoo is anytime better than suzy the ultimate big 3 idol who was spoonfed from day 1. He came from small company and earned it.

        And yes we care for attractive men only. Or unless u r on shk jjh level. I have no interest in suzy woozie types bcoz i m not a lesbo unlike u all

        Dont even try guilt tripping here. Wont gonna work

    • I dont get the animosity honestly? Like how is him receiving a casting offer have a direct effect on your life? Also there is no confirmation he is taking this role, and according to the Korean articles there was no indication that it was a main role. His company only mentioned that hes been getting a lot of lovecalls and this is only one of the many projects he is reviewing.

      Eunwoo has only has 3 main leads and does one drama a year. He is not taking away opportunities but giving it to many actors as he gets offered multiple roles a year but only chooses to do one, as he simply does not have enough time as he has multilpe jobs in within the industry, for example idol, actor, mc, entertainer, model, cfs, endorser, etc.

      Also no one is forcing yo to watch his dramas. Many dramas get made a year and you always have the choice what you want to see and you don’t want to see. You not watching is not going to affect him at all as many people do enjoy his acting including the professionals in the industry, who have complimented him on his acting.

      That being said there isnt one actor or actress everyone likes or dislikes and even your favs have their critics. So you getting upset at someone for defending him for not having the same opinion is too extreme tbh. Its not that persons fault that women get bashed and you taking that out on them isnt right.

    • Whatever you may think of his skills, he is in-demand because he sells. His dramas are successful and directors want to work with him, so here we are!

    • better stfu , you this fool , it’s not his fault that the director chose him and don’t ever call him a mannequin dumbass

    • One would wonder why the so called talented actors are passed over for him. To think he currently has multiple offers. You obviously can’t see what the PDs see. Also his dramas do very well. Plus how does his one drama a year make you so mad. May be your fav is only talented in your eyes. Bias can be a bitch

    • I get it, you are mad about him being more booked than your fav? Lmaoooo. This is so funny how worked up you are about this when he hasn’t even accepted the role. Go outside and breathe some fresh air and calm down. You have bigger problems than Eunwoo getting cast in a drama over your fav

    • If you are sure that his acting skills are abysmal you don’t have to trouble yourself to watch the drama and leave mean comments. You better stick watching your favourite’s dramas.

  4. Honestly I feel that Cha Eun woo should just stick with supporting roles to slowly improve his acting skills. It’s so unfair & appalling that he gets getting cast in lead roles where his acting is still not up to par.

    • I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys , like it’s not that deep If you don’t like his acting then don’t watch or comment thing s about him

  5. Waiting for ur drama ?? fighting & do ur best. We will support u . U r one of my fav actors in kdrama land . Waiting for ur decibel ,island and this one as wel

  6. fighting & do ur best. We will support u . U r one of my fav actors in kdrama land . Waiting for ur decibel ,island and this one as wel

  7. Be Melo was such a good show with amazing ensemble of actresses and actors. What is Le Byung Hun thinking?! Cha Eun Woo is nothing but a feminine pretty face. People like to drag Song Jang, but this guy is much worse, although both are bad.

    • It’s ironic how people say his fans only like him for his face but its the people who dont like him who can’t look past his face. Has it even been confirmed he is taking this role? I mean if you have to hate on him at least wait until it is confirmed.

      • So true, I hear people talking about his face in order to tear him down WAY more than I see fans focusing on it.

    • You obviously know better than the renowned director. The director sees potential and an actor who can convey the message he wants to send. You only see hate because he’s not your fav

  8. This premise sounds SUPER weird, but Eunwoo has yet to let me down with his drama choices. So if he ends up taking the role, I trust the show will be good. Plus, the director is a proven entity with great works behind him.

    • Same! I don’t know if he would choose this script but he’s yet to disappoint me too so I look forward to his next project

  9. Eunwoo gets role because he brings the attention to the drama. He brings money to the drama. His shows get re-run because of him. PD & hos co-stars praised his acting. Knetz were pretty happy with his acting as well especially in hospital scene. Some ppl here are so obsessed with him that they would rather sprout nonsense here than focus on their own favourite. Cry, crib or whatever you do, big PDs want to work with Cha Eunwoo & there are many who wait for his drama. He is super talented unlike you guys

  10. Eunwoo has a great potential as an actor. His hardwork and talent speaks for himself. I can’t wait to see him shine as the intern. I am excited to see him embark upon this journey with challenging roles that lets him grow as an artist.

  11. Looking forward to his next project. He’s shown so much growth with his last project I know he will ace his next one. Fighting Eunwoo!

  12. Wooow ..he is such a brilliant actor and I hope he will take this role. I think I will be the happiest person to see him in such different role in this drama .. can’t wait fighting Precious CHA EUN WOO you deserve it.

    • so any one who finds his acting good is a crazy stan?
      You are so funny when half of his fans know him through acting and loved his acting which he got awards for from professionals

  13. He is a good actor and will continue to be a better one and whatever you say won’t change the fact that he was chosen by professionals not the wannabe critics so he will continue rising

  14. Lol people are even jealous of your cute and handsome face .. after all face genius Eunwoo.. fighting Eunwoo you are not only a face genius but also alrounder , multi-talented

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