Vic Zhou Returns to Big Screen this Summer with Days of Redemption

So it’s going to be this way from now on, huh? I love me a well-made movie but when it comes my favorite actors or actresses I much prefer to spend months with them on a drama to build up the connection and story, but of course the drama has to be good which is getting rarer and rarer these days. Taiwan’s big-name males stars from the last decade have by and large all moved on to movie star exclusive territory – Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Wu Zun – and for the last three years there have been murmurs of Vic Zhou doing a drama but he’s firmly in the movie star territory now. His C-drama Returning Home aired early this year after being banned for a few years due to the cross-straits war complexity subject matter that was filmed back in 2010. Since then he’s been all about the movies and this year sees three movies dropping in all the major seasons. Around Spring Break the period war movie Saving General Yang aired and Zai Zai played the arrow-wielding laconic third brother. In mid-July the modern love-and-corporate warfare thriller Days of Redemption will premiere co-starring rising C-actress Tong Yao. And in the Winter will come his remake of Letters to Juliet co-starring Liu Shi Shi called Love Season. My hope that he might consider doing a drama got dashed when this month he was cast as the new male lead in the sequel to the popular romcom movie Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Chinese title 單身男女 Single Man, Single Woman), with leads Louis Koo and Gao Yuan Yuan returning and Zai Zai stepping in as a new male lead with the other male lead Daniel Wu doing a cameo role only because he’s a new dad and cutting down his work load. I don’t mind if Zai Zai keeps doing movies if he plays roles that continue to challenge himself, and for Days of Redemption he plays the anti-hero hot sexy corporate raider role. I’m loving him in the snappy suit so much. Check out the movie stills and trailer below, there is a back painting scene that is seriously sexy. Continue reading