Taiwan Stars Out in Force for the 2019 Taipei Film Awards

The Taiwanese acting contingent may be smaller than their expansive Mainland colleagues but it’s always nice to see so many familiar faces stepping out in tandem to support a good cause. This weekend was the 2019 Taipei Film Awards, a more indie offering that suits the Taiwan film industry which has been more indie focused for two decades now. This wasn’t a true big awards red carpet so the fashion ran the gamut from fun pant suits to full ball gowns but nothing stood out for me beyond a lot of exposed backs and legs and many of the ladies having very messy hairstyles and too shiny makeup. It almost felt like a rehearsal run through than the real deal. All that aside, all the big names made an appearance including Ariel Lin, Alice Ke, Ivy Chen, Sonia Sui, Wallace Huo, Vivian Sung, Vivian Hsu, and many more. Continue reading