Go Ara is a Candy Confection of Cuteness in First Drama Stills for Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Okay, when I heard the title of this drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol and that it was for sure a music themed drama, seeing female lead Go Ara dressed like a walking poof of girly cuteness was not what I expected for her styling. Granted she can be a musician and wear whatever she wants but she looks more like a professional Instagram lifestyle model lol. Complete with adorable as all out white dog she carries around in a doggie purse and uses for her selfies. That dog might just out cute Go Ara which is hard to do and from some BTS filming stills I saw male lead Lee Jae Wook is also totally smitten by the dog. Lol, is that the definition of love the dog, love the owner, or wait I think its the other way around.


Go Ara is a Candy Confection of Cuteness in First Drama Stills for Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol — 3 Comments

  1. Wish they had tucked the top into the skirt in the first photo. She looks big, which she obviously isn’t. If they had just tucked the top in she would’ve had a waistline and wouldn’t have looked so frumpy. Disappointed with the styling on that one. She looks amazing in the dress though.

  2. I really like the previous dramas by writer Oh Ji Young. Hope this is third time the charm for her. She has the ability to put a fresh spin on cliched and well-used tropes. The comedic elements that really shine through is the parody of many other well-known dramas cleverly incorporated into the ones she wrote. I greatly enjoy the many classic English songs, Teresa Teng’s Moon Represents My Heart, and a Faye Wong Cantonese cover of Dreams by Cranberries and Hollywood movie soundtracks used in Shopping King Louis. Netflix totally removed these songs and soundtracks so new viewers would not have appreciated the drama that much. I also admire the fact that So Ji Sub never kissed his leading lady in Secret Terrius but I enjoyed the drama so much. Hope this musical-based will also have the feel good vibes coming. Lee Jae Wook is one of my favourite young actors. Fighting!

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