Literal Flower Boys Stroll Through the Woods in Drama Poster for Hwarang: The Beginning

Someone in the production team of upcoming KBS sageuk Hwarang: The Beginning took the flower boy in the Korean title much too literally. The Shilla era sageuk is about the well known corps of historical time flower boy warrior scholars who won battles with their collective pretty, or something like that. The newest set of drama and character posters are out showing the male leads Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, Min Ho, Do Ji Han, Jo Yoon Woo, and Kim Tae Hyun actually ringed by flower petals while shooting loving glances all around during a forest stroll.

It pushes the visuals too much for me without being cheeky and snarky about it, the way earnest vibe turns it all into a laugh at them reaction rather than laugh with them. And the hair, good lord does every guy have an abominable yet different mane of not glory. Six good looking dudes and not a single one got a passable hair piece. Only leading lady Go Ara comes out unscathed in the promos, she looks like an animated woodland sprite in her solo character poster. Continue reading