jTBC Political Drama Aide Holds Script Reading with Leads Lee Jung Jae and Shin Mina

This has all the hallmarks of a good drama, being on cable with a serious political turn in this day and age where politics seem more than ever to play a role in daily lives. jTBC kicked off script reading for Aide starring Lee Jung Jae, Shin Mina, Kim Dong Joon, and Elliya Lee. Lee Jung Jae plays a top political aide with calculating smarts and strong personality to win, and his counterpart is Shin Mina’s lawyer turned elected rookie lawmaker in the assembly. They butt heads from opposite sides of the aisle and of course sparks may simmer and then fly. The drama is from the PD of Chuno, Miss Hammurabi, and The K2, with the script by the writer of Life on Mars and Let’s Fight, Ghost. Continue reading

SBS Soapy Melo An Empress’s Dignity Reaches 14.6% Rating in Episode 20 Near Halfway Point

My Wed-Thurs are currently preoccupied with tvN quiet slow burn romance Encounter (Boyfriend) but even if it wasn’t I don’t think I would still want to watch An Empress’s Dignity. None of the four leads Jang Nara, Shin Sung Rok, … Continue reading