KBS Sageuk Hwarang with Park Seo Joon and Go Ara Release First Character Stills

Filming recently commenced on the fall airing KBS sageuk Hwarang: The Beginning, with a scheduled pre-produced schedule and plenty of front loaded eye candy already. The network just released character stills of all the main leads and, true to the title, this drama really is about a bunch of flower men which is what Hwarang means in Korean. Starring Park Seo Joon, Go Ara, and Park Hyung Sik as the leads, the drama is set further back in Korean history during the three kingdoms era, specifically in the Kingdom of of Shilla. Rounding out the cast as additional flower knights are Minho of SHINee, Do Ji Han, Jo Yong Woo, and V of BTS. As far as I can recollect this will be the first sageuk drama foray for the entire young cast, and the network appears to be positioning them as the idol version of Shilla warriors what with everyone vogueing to varying degrees in the character stills. Go Ara is one of the reknowned natural beauties in K-ent but she’s certainly got plenty of competition in the looks arena filming this drama.


KBS Sageuk Hwarang with Park Seo Joon and Go Ara Release First Character Stills — 20 Comments

    • Unfortunately, the poor styling is not limited to KBS. The recent stills of the upcoming Scarlet Heart:Goryeo is not looking good either.

  1. Go Ah Ra can’t act. She’s beautiful but onscreen she lacks of charms. In The Magician, Yoo Seung Ho looks “prettier” than she does.

  2. I feel this looked good since they are warrior, they can’t be all neat in hairstyle, and they make them looked clean and still like a man, with reddish flang eyeshadow that looked good, all the actor looked so handsome naturally
    love the pic!

    • that hairstyle maybe exaggerated but the long hair and bang is correct, also the red eyeliner, many hwarang in Saeguk before styled like that and based on poem they liked to paint their face (eyeliner thing) afaik
      and the set is way before joseon dinasty . . .
      it happen on 59- BC

  3. I expect a lot of exciting actions by looking at the costume design. Plain and simple colors are always better than tacky eye-dazzing Chinese opera palette. But I agree…the hairstyles though….LOL..The stills somehow remind me of Iijimae and Warrior Baek dong Soo. I hope there’re no annoying female characters as these two dramas.

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  5. For us they’re all looking very good with their respective hairstyles and all. This must be an exciting and beautiful drama to watch!

  6. God i had to blink twice to recognize Park Seo Joon. Damn he does look nice. Cho Ahra too i might say. Probs cause i kinda like sageuks. I wonder what the story is about?

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