Who Put Ji Sung in a Box in Official Posters for SBS Medical Drama Doctor John

This Friday heralds the arrival of new SBS medical drama Doctor John, taking over the Fri-Sat time slot from period drama Nokdu Flower and afterwards will be followed by Vagabond. The drama posters are out and rather illusionary, with the top poster showing him in a proverbial glass box. Is he in a glass box of pain, or does being an anesthesiologist mean he feels the pain of his patients. The bottom poster shows Ji Sung with his other two leads Lee Se Kyung and Lee Kyu Hyung, each holding their hands out with different auras, two hopefully and one ominously. Clearly Lee Kyu Hyung is the baddie here, heh. Teasing aside, I’m in a grumpy mood and am looking forward to seeing Ji Sung bringing his genius doctor A-game. Continue reading