A Koala Reminisces: 2011 Year End Drama Reviews

Going into this year end review, I wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic as I was last year. I can’t pinpoint why, other than perhaps I simply wrote so much I wore myself out. All my drama writing in the 365 days since the 2010 year end review did make my fingers consider going on strike. My brain wasn’t that far behind either. I convinced myself that everyone already knows what I think about the dramas I watched, so why bother writing more. It was only later that I conceded the redundancy argument was really a smokescreen for my laziness at play, so my gunner personality took over and evicted the striking fingers and brain from Occupy The Bed and made them get back to work. After much coffee and lots of random introspection, I managed to produce a year end review that has a lot of words. I make no promises any of it strings together into a coherent sentence.

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