Drama Poster and New Previews for MBN Drama Rich Man with Suho and Ha Yeon Seo

I’m so numb to the K-drama PPL escalating insanity but even I was almost jolted to annoyance upon spotting a cold coffee cup in male lead Suho‘s hands in the official drama poster for MBN cable drama Rich Man, adapted from the J-dorama Rich Man, Poor Woman. When everyone in a drama eats at Subway and/or frequents the same three major coffee chains, it’s hard not to think that PPL spread like a virus can end up on a drama poster, but thankfully the coffee brand is blocked out by the drama tagline. The official poster is cute, showing that female lead Ha Yeon Seo is way more into the male lead, but Suho’s leading back into her slightly and the head turn in her direction shows interest back, which captures the lead romantic dynamics nicely. The drama premieres next Tuesday May 8th and hopefully will put to rest whether it was the right idea to remake a much loved J-dorama original. Continue reading

Ha Yeon Seo and Suho are Decently Believable as Leads for K-drama Remake of Rich Man, Poor Woman

The arrival of the K-drama remake of J-dorama Rich Man, Poor Woman is actually earlier than I thought, with the shortened title of Rich Man premiering on cable network MBN on May 9th. I’m relatively interested for various reasons, love … Continue reading