Ha Yeon Seo and Suho are Decently Believable as Leads for K-drama Remake of Rich Man, Poor Woman

The arrival of the K-drama remake of J-dorama Rich Man, Poor Woman is actually earlier than I thought, with the shortened title of Rich Man premiering on cable network MBN on May 9th. I’m relatively interested for various reasons, love for the original, enough time passing that it would be nice to revisit the story again in a different presentation, and curiosity over how leads Ha Yeon Seo and Suho will make this work. The teasers are heavy on the Rich Man, showing Suho’s tech genius CEO making a rousing speech and revealing his face blindness condition. I think Ha Yeon Seo’s expressiveness is really on point and if the drama turns Suho into a typical K-drama male lead then he probably has enough charisma to hack it. Continue reading