Retired Actress Heo Yi Jae Claims Former Drama Costar Pressured Her into Sex to Increase Their Onscreen Chemistry Leading to Her Deciding to Leave K-ent

Wow, what a bombshell report but also something that is not out of the realm of possibility. Retired K-actress Heo Yi Jae, best known for Prince Hours and Single Dad in Love as well as movie A Dirty Carnival, hasn’t acted since the 2016 series You are a Gift and seemingly retired after getting married. This weekend she did a Youtube video show with former Crayon Pop member Way where she dropped massive allegations that she chose retirement after being sexually harassed on set by her former drama costar and pressured to have sexual relations with him ostensibly to improve their onscreen chemistry. Like, WTF? The full interview is online but the general summary is: she was the female lead in a drama and her male lead was her onscreen romantic love interest/boyfriend/husband character, he tried to get her to hang out with him off the set but she was too clueless to pick up on what he was asking for especially since he was married in real life, afterwards he would drop profanity against her after filming and also blamed her for his own problems in filming his scenes. Afterwards the director explained that the male lead thought they should get closer and the male lead told her they had no chemistry onscreen so they needed to have sex to try and fix the problem. That led to her quitting the industry and jesus who can blame her. There is already a K-netizen hunt for who this costar could be but honestly I think there are tons of assholes like him out there and it’s just a horrible industry for young pretty actresses to work in.

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