C-drama Billion Dollar Heirs Releases Hilarious and Self-deprecating Slappy First Teaser

China might have a new drama industry to mine – copying popular K-dramas and making a ridiculous parody out of it. There was the absurd but fun Heirs From Another Star, but even before that project got off the ground there was already Billion Dollar Heirs in the making. To be fair to producer Li Shao Hong, her heirs-centric drama synopsis was submitted to SARFT for approval last June long before K-drama Heirs with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye premiered so it’s hard to accuse her of copying K-Heirs.

It’s still good timing for her that Heirs ended up being so buzzed about because now any drama about a bunch of rich handsome heirs is sure to get carry over buzz. Billion Dollar Heirs stars Choi Si Won of Super Junior, C-actor Yu Xiao Tong, K-actress Hong Soo Ah, and C-actress Kan Qing Zi doing a two guys-two girls love quadrangle set in the world of lost heirs coming back to vy for the family inheritance in the midst of corporate battles and elder generation unresolved conflict.

It’s basically nothing new in drama land plot-wise and only gets attention for having the word “heirs” in the title in a stroke of good timing. I actually wasn’t going to update on this C-drama production since it just looks stupid and pointless, but then the drama released its first official teaser that had me in stitches. It appears the production has a self-deprecating sense of humor and understands how absurd heirs-corporate conflict-love quadrangles can be so the first teaser is actually an insanely comedic one that involves all the leads and supporting characters fighting, slapping, pushing, pulling, making exaggerated expressions, and generally showcasing the most laughably “intense” snippets of the drama. All set to Super Junior M‘s “Super Girl”, one of their biggest early hits in China. This has got to be seen to be believed. Thanks for a much needed laugh, Billion Dollar Heirs!

First slap-heavy teaser for Billion Dollar Heirs:


C-drama Billion Dollar Heirs Releases Hilarious and Self-deprecating Slappy First Teaser — 20 Comments

  1. Oh wow, thanks for posting, I needed a good laugh too! I had nearly forgotten about this drama. I’m super looking forward to it now!

  2. I love si won and he seems to be big in china, but I think his agency should choose a project that bring him more recognizable project. I have watch his korean drama, but they don’t stick out much. I don’t hear a lot of buzz about his cdrama either, other than his movie with Jackie. I maybe wrong, but I hope he will receive more buzz about his drama

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