Ahn Hee Yeon Formerly Hani of EXID Tests Positive for COVID-19, jTBC Halts Production on K-drama Idol: The Coup

When I saw the title for this K-drama I wanted to spork my eyes out. What the hell is Idol: The Coup? Why do the idols want to stage a coup? Wouldn’t leaving the industry be the ultimate coup? Is that what the drama is about, a bunch of successful idols saying “f*#k it!”? But before we can all figure out what this drama is about, it first needs to exist and that’s just hit a delay. Female lead Ahn Hee Yeon, who I legit went “who?” when I saw her name before learning that it’s Hani of EXID who is now going by her real name as an actress and no longer her idol name, just tested positive for COVID-19 in yet another spike wave in South Korea (and other parts of Asia). That has halted production completely for the jTBC drama which also stars Kwak Si Yang, Kim Min Kyu, Jung Woong In, Sol Bin, and Exy. The drama was supposed to air on October 17th but it may get pushed out now.

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