TW-actor Blue Lan Confirms Split with Actress Wife Jade Chou After Rumors the Two Filed for Divorce After 9 Years

I’ve probably covered two cycles of East Asian entertainment with how long I’ve blogged so there is dating, breakups, marriages, kids, divorces, re-marriages, and deaths in various combinations. Of course in recent years also add scandals leading to cancellation. Anyhoo, TW-ent reported last week that married stars Blue Lan and Jade Chou were recently spotted at the government registrars office low key filing for divorce. Even their dating and marriage was low key so this method would not be out of character. Blue is in China filming for a variety show and when asked he actually admitted they “split up” as the relationship ran its course. The two were married for 9 years and share two kids together. Marriage and parenthood is hard enough but in the public eye even harder.

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The Best of TW Acting Talent on Display at the Gorgeous 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards

The 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards totally snuck up on me when it flooded all the TW-ent media portals this weekend with picspam galore. The TW-version of the Emmy’s celebrated the great television programs and performances of 2014 and most of the … Continue reading