Blue Lan and Jade Chou Cap Off a 13-year Friendship Turned Whirlwind Romance by Tying the Knot Privately

Taiwan entertainment got a super out-of-the-blue (har har) surprise to start off this weekend with the breaking news that actor Blue Lan and his award-winning actress girlfriend Jade Chou (Chou You Ting) got married! Not just got married, they calmly waltzed into the local registrars office and registered their marriage legally with zero fanfare. This officially caps a quick week of speculation that they were going to get engaged when Blue was spotting picking out a honking diamond ring last week. This relationship has a pretty unique history in that Blue and Jade have been good friends for 13(!) years and are now even represented by the same manager and agency when a few years ago she was switching representation and he suggested she come under his agency’s umbrella.

They’ve both dated plenty of high-profile stars in their long entertainment career, with Blue having a very long relationship with Barbie Hsu (Da S) before she datedย Vic Zhou and he also dated other stars like Queenie Tai and Jocelyn Wang but the persistent word on the street was that Blue was impossible to tie down. I guess it was more like he was waiting for the right girl. Everyone was stunned when Blue and Jade started dating since she’s a year older than him and they’ve been well-known good friends for so long that it’s crazy the sparks between them just flared up last year when they went to Japan together to film the tourism MV for Japan. I love happy wedding news, especially on the heels of a week of celebrity break up news coming out of Korea. Congrats to the happy couple and the refreshing and genuine way they tied the knot for themselves privately without the need for media attention, months of wedding planning and pictures, or a big banquet to announce their nuptials.

After registering their marriage, Blue posted this picture of the low key happy couple on his FB page welcoming Mrs. Lan to the family. He wrote so candidly: “I’m 35 now and half my life is over. Today my other half joined my life and I feel relaxed and happy. Thank you for everyone’s care! Welcome Mrs. Lan! Ms. Chou, thank you for accompanying me during the lowest period of my life and bringing me out of that painful time. Truly thank you.”


Blue Lan and Jade Chou Cap Off a 13-year Friendship Turned Whirlwind Romance by Tying the Knot Privately — 18 Comments

    • How about Bolin Chen and Kwai Lun Mei together? That’ll be so sweet as he’s said she’s his real life Chen You Qing.

    • I always thought she had something with Mike He. But I think I can accept she with Show, both also filial children, good match.

  1. Oh WOW!!! How awesome!!! I really hope that a 13 year friendship and their long history together with help to keep their married life long and healthy!! Congrats to Mr & Mrs Lan. It took me awhile to come around to her as an actress but I really like her.

    So who’s next? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Blue Lan dated Barbie first then she date Vic Zhou after broken up with Blue. She dated Vic after Meteor Garden.

  3. What a delightful and genuine way to start your life together! I’ve been waiting for this news for over a year, I’m so happy for them!! It’s these kinda of stories that I just gush over. And yes, it does leave hope for other “long term” friends to tie the knot. Not the first time this year so I definitely hope we get more and more great news before the year is over.

    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lan!!!

  4. Two corrections

    1. Barbie dated Blue for about 4/5 years before she dated Vic.

    2. Jade is two years older. She was born in 1977. Blue was born in 1979.

  5. What a refreshing way to tie the knot! Very lowkey and yet so romantic at the same time..forget everything else, all you need is the person you love – that’s what’s most important!

    Congrats to them!!

  6. Sigh …no correction needed ppl … Koala did say Blue dated Barbie before she dated Vic … ho capito? Wakata? Aro ?
    Aigoooo …. skim readers …. lol …

    • If so many people are saying that she made an error, it’s more likely that Koala edited the post to fix it, so the information is correct now but it wasn’t when they were reading earlier.

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