Fiestar’s Jei Captivates in Feminine and Fresh Summer 2016 Wedding Pictorial

Summer is the universally preferred wedding season, who wants to take a chance and plan to get married during unexpected spring showers or inclement weather winter. This summer has seen two lavish and star-studded Chinese entertainment star couple weddings, but so far none from Korean entertainment. I’m sure the pendulum will swing soon and when it does I hope the hair and makeup borrows from this wedding dress pictorial featuring girl group Fiestar‘s member Jei. I was captivated by this photo spread without knowing who she was other than her facial features are exquisite and the colors soft and lovely. I’ve been seeing the golden orange eyes for a few months now but paired with soft pink cheeks and subtle matte lipstick it really pops beautifully. The entire pictorial is exquisite, making star bride glamour seem accessible. Continue reading