K-netizens Impressed with the Acting and Enunciation of Rising Young Actress Jeon Hye Won as a New Breakout from Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music

You know a drama is popular with viewers not just on the ratings alone but also on the amount of discussion in the media. The TV Chosun drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music is setting new ratings records for the smaller cable network and viewers are praising the family dynamics BUT not crazy (like resurrecting the dead over and over) type of makjang, and there is also attention on the cast members making an impression. One notable is rookie rising young actress Jeon Hye Won who is making her first big break in this drama playing the daughter of the couple in their 50’s. The scene where she finds her father has cheated on her mom and wants to confront both the mistress and her father is getting raves from the viewers because of her acting and her impeccable enunciation and dialogue reading. It’s hard enough to say fictional dialogue in a believable way, harder to do it when acting at the same time, and hardest when one is just starting out in an acting career without as much experience. That makes Jeon Hye Won’s performance in Marriage Lyrics even more impressive and she’s just been cast in upcoming Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi drama That Year Us (Our Beloved Summer) so I’m definitely keeping her on my keep an eye out for list.

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The Cast of tvN Drama This Life is Our First Attends Drama Wrap Party

A successful drama run these days is rarer than ever especially in the romantic comedy genre where it’s basically a unicorn. Just wrapped tvN Mon-Tues romance drama This Life is Our First (Because This is Our First Life), with less … Continue reading