Park Byung Eun Upends His Life for Seo Ye Ji as Part of Her Revenge Plan in New Preview and Stills for tvN Melodrama Eve

Revenge is a dish best served cold but try as I might this entire plot just sounds absurdly implausible and therefore comes across as silly. Upcoming K-drama Eve sells itself with overwrought visuals and intense emotions on everyone’s faces but the core revenge that sets the train in motion is predicated on the thin possibility that a cold, calculating billionaire in a loveless marriage would complicate his life to divorce all for a piece of sexy young ass, pardon my French. For a billionaire dollar plot sure, but for what is essentially sex and companionship then it makes Park Byung Eun‘s antagonist male lead seem way less of a baddie and way more of a pathetic man. And for Seo Ye Ji to spent 12 years plotting this revenge also seems way more work for way less payoff, wouldn’t it be easier to find a way to have the guy murdered, unless she wants to have him to lose everything first before he bites it. She would have to truly believe she’s the world’s most irresistible woman that a man who has it all would throw it all away to “get with her” and that’s the part where Eve can’t lift off for me even on synopsis alone. And don’t get me started on Yoo Sun looking batshit screechy in every preview and still, goodness she can be a bitch without coming across as crazy-eyed all the time. I feel like Seo Ye Ji just took any project that wanted her as a female lead after her scandal and hoped it would just one step at a one build her comeback, otherwise I could never see her doing this drama after her wild success with It’s Okay to Not be Okay. This looks TV Chosun level with B-listers in any other scenario.

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The Cast of tvN Drama This Life is Our First Attends Drama Wrap Party

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