Park Eun Bin Leads the Extraordinary Attorney Woo Team on Reward Trip to Bali Minus Kang Tae Oh Who Has to Work and Kang Ki Young Who Got COVID the Day Before Departure

The warmth and camaraderie among the leads of Extraordinary Attorney Woo has translated to the small screen and added to why the drama is so wonderful to watch. Each of the five leads at Hanbada law firm are developed and given the proper screen time to flesh out. It makes viewers see them as a unit even if there is in fighting and conflicts from time to time within the story. Hearing that the production team is all going to Bali for a reward trip was such a great idea but unfortunately only three of the five leads ended up going today. Park Eun Bin, Ha Yoon Kyung, and everyone’s most hated snaky lawyer played by Joo Jong Hyuk all jetted off today and gave reporters a glimpse of how to dress for a tropical getaway plane trip. Sadly Kang Tae Oh couldn’t make it as it was announced earlier to due work commitments and he’s on the cusp of enlisting so that makes sense, squeeze in as much as he can. For Kang Ki Young, it’s just the worst timing as he was going but got COVID-19 yesterday his agency announced so he had to miss the trip. I love Bali so hope this team has a great time!

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