Joseon Survival Releases Posters of New Leading Man Seo Ji Suk and Scrubs Out Kang Ji Hwan

I’m not gonna lie, it’s still surreal that K-actor Kang Ji Hwan’s career is effectively over AND he’s likely going to jail as a sex offender for rape and sexual assault. He deserves it all since he’s confessed but it does leave a slew of dramas and movies I can’t rewatch and a nasty feeling of admiring him for his acting talent when he was a shitty man underneath in real life. It’s not anything viewers could have predicted but damn I need a cold shower. The world continues to move on and his currently airing TV Chosun drama Joseon Survival has recast his role with Seo Ji Suk, so important to allow the drama to finish airing and recoup production costs and also keep the rest of the cast and team employed since no one else did anything wrong. The drama released two new posters today, a solo one of Seo Ji Suk and a group one where Kang Ji Hwan was photoshopped with Seo Ji Suk badly but who the frick cares at this point. Just erase him so everyone can resume their hard working lives.
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