Joseon Survival Releases Posters of New Leading Man Seo Ji Suk and Scrubs Out Kang Ji Hwan

I’m not gonna lie, it’s still surreal that K-actor Kang Ji Hwan’s career is effectively over AND he’s likely going to jail as a sex offender for rape and sexual assault. He deserves it all since he’s confessed but it does leave a slew of dramas and movies I can’t rewatch and a nasty feeling of admiring him for his acting talent when he was a shitty man underneath in real life. It’s not anything viewers could have predicted but damn I need a cold shower. The world continues to move on and his currently airing TV Chosun drama Joseon Survival has recast his role with Seo Ji Suk, so important to allow the drama to finish airing and recoup production costs and also keep the rest of the cast and team employed since no one else did anything wrong. The drama released two new posters today, a solo one of Seo Ji Suk and a group one where Kang Ji Hwan was photoshopped with Seo Ji Suk badly but who the frick cares at this point. Just erase him so everyone can resume their hard working lives.


Joseon Survival Releases Posters of New Leading Man Seo Ji Suk and Scrubs Out Kang Ji Hwan — 13 Comments

  1. It’s nice that they are continuing on to finish filming the drama and like Koala says.. to keep cast and crew working since no one else did anything wrong. I wished they did the same with 2 days 1 night. Loved that show and so many people had to find new jobs with the abrupt “hiatus”, which is most likely a cancellation.

  2. I suppose this is when lice shooting fails. When the lead suddenly can’t shoot anymore, they have to replace last minute. I wonder how they are going to try to sell the series in DVD as the earlier episodes will have KJH.

    I am assuming they either killed off KJH character or go through a magic transformation as to why he looks different in the drama. Honestly am not watching this drama ..Just wondering how the writers are going to spin the story.

  3. This is such a horrible and judgmental article which usual in this blogsite.

    He maybe guilty or he may be not. He may have admitted to doing but do we really know exactly whay he has done other than what’s being said in the media. We don’t even know the actor’s state of mind. My point, we know nothing, absolutely nothing. And, who are we to judge?

    • Yah as what the media say. Have you heard him say personally? Guilty or not it’s his accountability and I am not defending him at all. I am just flabbergasted as how human beings can be too judgmental. If KJH was indeed guilty, what’s the difference between being a judgmental vs sex offender? Think about it.

      • You are correct, Misty. Everyone should remember he’s someone’s child and imagine if this had happened to our child as we can’t protect them 24/7 from getting into trouble, even when they are grown. My point is, he may have done something wrong but we shouldn’t always throw stones at others because we may or may not find ourselves in a difficult situation in the future. Let him be judged by the law and pay for his crimes. Let’s pray he repents and asks for forgiveness and if he truly turns a new leaf, then wish him well. Noone deserves to be written off. You wouldn’t want that for yours so contain yourself when you mouth off!

  4. I know that we should separate the actor from his works . But in this case i can’t rewatch anymore ” Lie to me” and Capital scandal”, even for Yoon Eun hye and Han Ji Min . And both worked with Park yoo Chun. I don’t even imagine what his partners in his actual drama are feeling .

  5. I don’t have a problem re-watching his older stuff. He was really great in them. But I probably won’t watch any of his future projects after he gets out of prison, that is.

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