Final Episode of Kaseifu no Mita with Matsushima Nanako Hits 40% Ratings

While I wasn’t watching, the Fall 2011 dorama season in Japan just spawned a record breaker. Matsushima Nanako‘s odd little housekeeper dorama Kaseifu no Mita (literal translation I am Mita the Housekeeper) has been a blockbuster hit from the very first episode, which premiered at almost 20% in ratings. This little sucker kept increasing its ratings every week until its final episode this past week averaged 40% in ratings! In this day and age, that is unreal. Regional breakdown has KnM hitting 42.7% final episode ratings in Kanto. The last time a dorama had an episode break 40% in Japan was the final episode of KimuTaku and Tokiwa Takako‘s Beautiful Life back in 2000. In fact, the final episode of KnM is one of the top three rated dorama episodes OF ALL TIME, which goes to show how rare it is to hit such high ratings. Reaching 40% is Kohaku-level ratings. All this for a dorama about a weird housekeeper and a family of five dealing with the grief of losing their mother? Someone who watched this tell me what’s the hook? Continue reading