First Impressions of Lucky 7 with Matsumoto Jun and Eita

I’ve got such low standards for J-doramas these days, because the favorite genre I grew up with has become a beast nearing extinction while the landscape is littered with depressing dramas about the meaning of life or cop/doctor/serial killer shows up the truckload. I long for my diehard romances, Japan! But occasionally I do enjoy the other stuff as well, if it’s done right. Last Season I adored Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de with Kitagawa Keiko and Sakurai Sho (which is scheduled to come back as an SP this Spring), a kooky cheeky detective mystery.

This season I’ve found my go-to weekly dorama fix, the wonderfully casted misfit detective trifle Lucky 7, starring another Arashi memberĀ Matsumoto Jun, Eita, Naka Riisa, Oizumi Yo, and Matsushima Nanako. Only two episodes have aired so far, but both are excellent and start this dorama off with a ton of energy, humor, and quirky spirit. It doesn’t try too hard, and in doing so straddles the right balance between making a story fun and full of heart. But my biggest takeaway so far is that Eita is running away with the show, both in terms of having the best character to play and knocking it out of the park with his effortless performance. LOVE. Continue reading