Namgong Min Turns Romantic Leading Man in Chosun TV Drama One and Only You

Namgong Min is one hardworking bloke, but with his acting career on such an upswinging roll who can blame him. He’s currently doing his best psychopathic acting as the antagonist on the SBS drama Remember, but once that’s done he’s already lined up his next gig. Namgong Min will be the male lead in entertainment industry romance drama One and Only You on cable network Chosun TV. I’m going to need to metaphorically rinse my eyes out after Remember to picture him as a top star who doesn’t believe in love who gets entangled in romance with a starlet who has sold out on love in the past. His leading lady will be rising newbie actress Lee Yeol Eum, while a few idols will be in supporting roles playing fictional idols on the drama. Kevin and Eli of U-Kiss and Kangnam will be members of an idol group that gets into conflict with Namgong Min’s top star. The drama is adapted from a manhwa of the same name and aims to air in early 2016. Continue reading