Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi Proudly Attend Press Conference for K-movie 1982 Born Kim Ji Young

Stories don’t need to be emotionally safe to be told, and some are going to rile folks up. Popular Korean novel 1982 Born Kim Ji Young is a best seller but reviled by certain segments of the male population for being a feminist novel whatever that means. Even when a female star posts that she’s read it or reading it or is supporting the novel/movie, they are then spammed and attached online by those certain hateful trolls. That’s what makes the upcoming movie adaptation so important and meaningful that male lead Gong Yoo is taking such a strong stand to be in it and support it when some of his fellow men want to tear it down. His chemistry with frequent costar and female lead Jung Yumi will certainly be excellent as their track record shows, I’m really there to see what all the fuss is about and why this novel both strikes a chord for the readers who love it and frustrate the heck out of those who wish it was never written. Continue reading